1. st13phil

    How to keep an aggressive driver at a safe distance

  2. Mobb

    Aggressive stance - Tyres / Spacers - Help needed

    So I have just bought some 19" Kleemann Alloys and will be having them fitted in a week or two, I just need to decide on the tyres and what spacers I need. So heres where I need the help.. What size spacers do I need for the aggressive look? Ref; tyres.. I was thinking 235/35/19 on...
  3. bh13coupe

    W124 coupe, aggressive pick up in reverse

    has anyone experienced a very agrressive reverse gear on the 5 speed auto? i have to almost tickle it when reversing to avoid almost instant wheelspin. reversing uphill can also be an issue. i have learnt to live with it but have yet to have it adressed. Has anyone got any previous...
  4. C

    Little loss of accleration and less aggressive kickdown

    After my car has just had its "secondary air injection valve" changed the car doesnt seem quite as nippy as it did before it all started going wrong? When the car was working as well as it ever had i could floor it at 5mph when the lights changed etc and the car would drop down to 1st and feel...
  5. PJH

    Aggressive horns HONK HONK

    BBC News Link Jamjar horn survey
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