1. T

    It was 100 years ago

    Guys I was reading bits of the Torygraph when this article popped up! My grandfather the war hero, killed on the first day of the Battle of Passchendaele* Strange because only a few days ago I was thinking about him having fought and survived that battle serving in the Lancashire...
  2. gr1nch

    Standard of Living - better 100+ years ago?

    Yes, I hear some of you thinking, but there was poverty then, slums, crap jobs,...but * for about 300 years from the late middle ages there was virtually no inflation. Prices for everyday items were very stable in comparison to the last 50 years. * Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses were...
  3. 219

    15 Years ago , on this date
  4. S

    Two years ago today...

    At the age of 26 one of my dearest friends and a person who was once very loved by me. Indeed is still loved by me and many committed suicide. The message here is: There is always a better option, don't ever feel trapped
  5. grumpyoldgit

    130 Years ago today. 29th January 1886

    We thank you Carl. 130 Years Ago The Automobile Was Born | eMercedesBenz
  6. B

    AMG event awhile ago...

    Does anyone know who was piloting the AMG GT-S at the private lounge event at the AMG UK test center? I know he was a pro racing driver and drives a SLS GT3 with some team but I didn't get his name.
  7. CSR

    This makes eBay one of a few weeks ago look a steal at £12,200

    Used 2002 Mercedes-Benz AMG E55 AMG for sale in Rutland | Pistonheads
  8. D

    Five years ago today...

    ...I signed up to this, my first, forum... I've seen a lot of folk come and go, I've seen the forum evolve a few different times, I've seen some monumental threads both good and bad, I've spat my own dummy out on a few occasions too... But, even when I don't own a Mercedes, I always come back...
  9. bob6600

    21 years ago today.....

    ....... the greatest F1 driver (imo) lost his life. It came a day after another fatality on the same track. I remember watching the race when it happened. Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna RIP
  10. D

    bought my first ever merc 6 months ago

    New to the forum , i bought my w123 280e 1982 6 months ago and its looking like should have on the road in 2-3weeks after alot of hours of hard work can anyone recomend an insurance company?
  11. Merty

    Accident 2 months ago :(

    sorry the below is a long story , right let me get to the point. My first day at my placement job i had a small accident. Basically I was on the roundabout and one taxi driver was in front of me. I slightly barely touched his bumper. So the guy comes out and the only word he says it that him &...
  12. M

    Years ago had an old Ford Pop 100e

    Years ago had an old ford pop 100e Head gasket went, still got me home 98 miles later Side valve engine, so simple to repair, 8 bolts , job done (after a clean) Brakes, doddle to replace Starter end worm gear to replace- piece of cake Piston blew its top off - to replace - a doddle...
  13. M

    New member - 2 years ago

    hey guys, I signed up to the forum in 2011 and never posted! How odd :p I sold the CLK 200 mentioned in my profile a year ago and have finally decided to look towards getting back into a Mercedes again. Over the next few months I intend to look for a W210 E55 AMG so I will be looking at...
  14. corned

    40 years ago today

    HS Trident G-ARPI crashed with the loss of all aboard near Staines shortly after take-off. I remember watching the BBC news article about it that evening.
  15. B

    This was on ebay several months ago

    1986 MERCEDES 300SL SPORTS R107 AUTOMATIC HARD/SOFT TOPS UNFINISHED RESTORATION ebay listing number 13070435570 Sorry can't add the link, could someone kindly put it on for me. I thought it had been sold.
  16. gmanrangers

    Ripon classic car show few weeks ago

    classic car show few weeks ago. just figured out how to sort pics out so thought i would share with you nice pagoda this was like new had to fix puncture on this old boys car. think he drove from leeds with a flat then a trip to sutton bank
  17. S

    New member/owner as of 7 hrs ago

    Hi all, after what was a short search of auto trader I am now the very proud owner of a SLK 320 with AMG styling ie bumpers/wheels. It's done 46K miles with FMBSH. I've bought it for a weekend runabout! Hope I've made the right choice! I now need to sell the Alfa spider I bought :crazy:
  18. T

    Price 13 years ago

    My 200 CLK was registered on September 1999. Can anyone please tell me what the price for this would've been in 1999 brand new from the stealership?
  19. ecossebev

    How Much 20 Years Ago?

    My 230TE was registered on the 1st October 1991. It has mushroom leather and an electric sunroof but no A/C. Can anyone tell me what the dealer price for this would've been in 91 brand new and what that converts to in money today? TIA......
  20. 219

    100 Years Ago Today

    Titanic launch 100 years ago marked in Belfast Descendants of the men who built the Titanic marked the 100th anniversary Tuesday of its launch in Belfast in a moving ceremony aimed at restoring the city's maritime pride after years of shame. A single flare was fired above the Harland and...
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