1. J

    W212 seat agony!

    Hi, For a while now I've suspicions that my W212 drivers seat is giving me problems but this was confirmed by a recent holiday rental of a Megane! I had no pins and needles, shooting pains or discomfort. My W211 is perfect no issues at all. It has heated memory seats with manual lumbar. My...
  2. MikeL

    Car Agony Aunt

    I've no idea if this is genuine as I don't read the Mirror (?) - if it is it sounds like a discruntled employee getting some revenge, any way it is doing the rounds on the net...... Mike
  3. L

    De Agony of De Wait....

    Nothing interesting to read here...just wanted to share my frustrations with fellow MB owners :( I've just received news that my E320 could only get into the August production which means I won't get my car till sometime in Oct......oh the pain!!!! :mad: To make matters worst, evertime I...
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