1. T

    costing more to payoff finance than agreed.

    Bought my car last year. Had no interest in taking out finance. Dealer persuaded me to take it out £10K, would throw in 3 years servicing and discounted Supaguard (or whatever it's called). Long story short, the salesman told me that I would have a total outlay of £595 if I cancelled the...
  2. R

    Agreed value

    Hi all Does anyone know where to get a valuation on my 1990 190e in Essex ? thanks Steve
  3. N

    Just agreed to buy a 10 plate ML 300 Blue Eff - any advice gratefully received!

    So today I pulled the trigger and paid a deposit on a 2010 ML300 which I have not even seen and is over 200 miles away from me! Yes I am probably bonkers but having bought my last 3 cars without seeing them I hope I won't be disappointed when I go and collect it (possibly this weekend) but I...
  4. jaymanek

    GTG Sunday 4th August - Mercland, Nuneaton DATE NOW AGREED

    I know it seems like ages away but missed having a GTG last couple of years, so who's up for it? Preferred dates? 26 August is a Bank Holiday Monday so maybe the 25th? or are people going away that weekend? Also anyone know if any major sporting or motorsport events on any of the Sundays in...
  5. D

    any ideaswhich insurance companies do multi car classic policy WITH AGREED VALUE

    i am sorry in advance. i have noticed this was discussed before, i have just got my renewal and it is hiked by 50% my portofolio 1972 350 slc (one of 10 in the country, one of 3 which are tax exempt) 10k 1976 450 sl 10k 1997 sl 500 10k 1993 e220 convertible 5k premium quoted is £800 i am...
  6. Doodle

    Agreed value for the SL

    It's insurance renewal time, and in light of all the work and effort that has gone into the SL recently (and especially with all the period AMG bits it's now wearing) I thought it would be a good idea to go for an agreed value on the policy. The problem is...I have no idea what that agreed...
  7. M

    Agreed value insurance

    I own a very rare car a Brabus 190E 3.6 24V and I haven't changed the agreed value in the 8 years I have owned the car. The asking prices for the Evo 190s and cosworth one's have been going up so how do I get a reasonable value for mine.
  8. aka$h

    Where to get Agreed value Insurance for CE?

    At long last my 124 is now in the body shop being stripped, prior to a full re-spray and slight colour change. After this is all done the car will be worth a fair bit more than market value, a basic e320 coupe on L reg with 100k would probably be worth around £4k. So in the event of the...
  9. Steve_Perry

    Rust Repair - Mercedes have agreed to pay for work as warranty!

    Well I've just had a phone call from the MB authorised body shop and I am totally bowled over :crazy: :crazy: :bannana: I've had a patch of rust breaking out on the rear near-side wheel arch. The small lip section of bodywork that bends round and is facing the rear tyres (blurry pics to...
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