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    Aiming bi-xenon headlights

    I'm sorry if this topic has been covered elsewhere and I am just not finding it. I need to adjust the aim on my bi-xenon headlights on my U.S. spec C55 AMG. Anybody else had to do this? Thanks for your replies.
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    Xenons aiming at the ground

    Today driving back I hit a real nasty pot hole. I noticed there after the beam of my headlights was odd. On dipped beam long range (range) of the beam had decreased and the lights were aimed at the ground. On full beam normal (for full beam) illumination seemed as normal, but the dipped beam...
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    Aiming post for GPMG

    Can any of you find me a picture of the above please? Need good quality; preferably with the GPMG in the picture too. thanks in advance, matt
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    What I'm aiming for...

    Saw this on, think it looks gorgous. Are those 18" AMG monoblocks and C43 kit? How much has it been lowered, cos its sitting perfectly IMO. Thanks
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