1. P

    R129 SL500 Air Flow Sensor

    My air flow sensor has proven to be faulty (starts and runs for a short journey, but then goes very lumpy). Bought a replacement from the USA (recon - £140), but it didn't work, making me suspect the emission settings for USA models are different from UK models. Opinions? Finally located...
  2. R

    Essex Air Ambulance Motorcycle Run

    Anybody here participating in the ride this year? I've missed it the last couple of years due to being away for work. Going to make it this year though! Will be leaving from Colchester area to ride up to the start if anybody else happens to be going and fancies a ride up together.
  3. shanksy

    W208 CLK430 - Air Intake Hoses wanted

    Hi all, Managed to split both hoses pulling off engine cover, struggling to find where to get any replacements without resorting to dealer. Anyone have or know the location of where to get some ? I can pay in either cash or W124 parts ........ :)
  4. shanksy

    CLK430 W208 Air Intake Hose Split

    Hi All, Yesterday I tried removing the engine cover for the first time on the CLK and I managed to split the air intake hoses, not realising they were attached. I have duct taped them together but was wondering if it was worth finding replacements or would I be fine to leave as is ? Thanks
  5. CarlPea

    E63 W212 - Air released when parked.

    Hi, I've got an E63 W212 and once I've parked up I can hear an air valve releasing pressure every couple of, maybe five, minutes, even a few hours after I've parked up. The rear of the car doesn't drop at all, even after leaving for a week +, so I'm assuming it's normal?
  6. B

    M157 bi-turbo upd cold air induction kit

    Hi all, Just got rid of my E63 so removed my UPD cold air induction kit and filters and went back to stock. Comes with all screws and bolts - Basically a nearly new complete item. More details can be found on MBWORLD and directly on UPD's website...
  7. AngryDog

    Air boxes

    So put my standard air boxes back on and the car doesn't whine as much now :(. Also feels a little slower as well. Also, am I missing something here? The y piece at the back of charger is loose and comes off. I reckon it's meant to be a clip and a previous owner has broken it.
  8. R

    B200 W245 Air con rattle

    Morning all. Strange thing started a few days ago on the B Class. When you switch the aircon on by the button it starts up with a rattle but of when running. When you switch off via the aircon button but the blower is still on it will start rattling again after 5 min. You have to switch the...
  9. P

    Air suspension part number

    Hello guys, could somebody help me to find the correct part number of rear right air bag suspension for s211 with VIN WDB2112082B031861. It is non airmatic estate, September 2006. thanks in advance! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  10. D

    Alloy wheel losing air - refurb vs new alloy

    Hi All A question not about my car for once! We have a car in the household where one of the (2002 Yaris with 14" rims) alloys is losing air, its had a brand new tyre fitted so we know its not that, the fitter also wire brushed and applied sealant but this has not helped so the options as I...
  11. L

    W166 -ML350 Bluetec Air Filter replacement - STAR required ?

    I cannot seem to find a definitive answer to this when searching via Google... I replaced the air filters on both sides myself - does the car need to be advised via STAR that these have been replaced ? Have got a MBII and there is no option in this to perform this - when looking online, some...
  12. Screwdriver

    W123 300D Air Con Condensor Radiator replacement

    Greetings, My original air con condensing radiator on my 1984 UK 300D has sprung a leak. MB UK no longer sells a replacement so I'm going to have to turn to an OEM supplier. The dealer shared the following part number: A1268300670. I believe the original was made by Hella-Behr? Any...
  13. mat8n

    W221 air con not working

    My air-conditioning on my side class won't switch on. I have no errors anywhere. When I scroll to the air-con to switch it 'on' in the little tick box it won't switch over from 'off' Any help and hints greatly appreciated. :thumb:
  14. AngryDog

    E55 Air filters

    I currently have 2 "Spectre" filters on my E55, but I know nothing about them and google doesn't really help. I also have the original filter boxes and "V" for the supercharger. Which is better to use? The filters are these ones; Cheers.
  15. C

    E class air suspension

    Gents. Excuse me if I'm not using the correct terminology but I've just arrived at our rural place in Spain and the car is just bottoming out getting onto.our drive. So the question is, is there a way of increasing the ride height using the air suspension ? It's a 2015 e class estate AMG line...
  16. K

    How to remove the air from fuel line?

    Hello, i have a problem with air at fuel lines. I replace the O-rings, 4 of them and when i start the car only at one place don't clean the air, and when engine works there is left a little air space, when i stop the engine the fuel going back to somewere. I have something like hand pump but i...
  17. Dizz

    Can't turn off air con

    I have just bought a 2004 CLK320 w209 and what ever I do the air-con seems to be on. What am I doing/not doing? This is off? This is on?
  18. D

    Hot air balloon ride.

    It's our wedding anniversary in August. Mrs Ant has always expressed an interest in a hot air balloon experience. Thinking of surprising her. We live a few miles from Gretna. Any views/experiences of this greatly appreciated along with what to expect cost wise. Our 12 year old daughter will...
  19. J

    Air Conditioning not working great!

    Hi everyone, i recently took my 270 cdi and had the aircon re-gassed, but it hardly seems to have made any difference. When i turn the air con on and off you can hear a change in the fan speed so i think the electronics seem to be ok. Any ideas before i consider taking it to the dealer?
  20. B

    Air con compressor noise

    Hello, My R230 350 SL has got a noisy whine coming from the AC compressor, so I guess it must be the bearing that`s gone. What is the best solution to this without going to MB for a (Expensive no doubt) new one. Can somebody recommend a place that could rebuild it, or supply a...
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