1. M

    Mercedes w204 C class estate/saloon cloth seats with airbags

    MERCEDES C CLASS W204 CLOTH INTERIOR ESTATE SEATS WITH AIRBAGS | eBay Taken out of a 2011 c class estate. Very good condition, taken out as they were replaced with full AMG seats. Comes with Undamaged airbags and can include door cards with AMG silver panels for the right price...
  2. Ruonis13

    W21 ALL SEAT BELTS STUCK - airbags not deployed

    HI GUYS, I hit a curb with my W211 2003 :fail... I had no seat belt on ( I had a passenger as well - no seat belt as well) So basically my (drivers seat belt is Ok - I can pull it in and out) all other belts are stuck (Except rear middle one) air bags deployed...SRS light is always on as...
  3. B

    Advice on Replacing Airbags

    I have a 2008 CLC 180, bought the car as a CAT D. I want to buy second hand airbags from ebay. Steering whel, drivers door and passenger dashboard airbags have been deployed. Belt tensioners are fine. I know the passenger airbag comes complete with the top half of the dashboard and the...
  4. I

    124 Airbags, from when? V low miles oddity.

    Hi All, I'm going to look at a 300E (lpg fitted) tomorrow. Advertised as 1994 first registered, but from the factory in 1989, only 22k miles - and looks it. Images show clearly a phase two car and there's an airbag. I just wondered when they were first fitted. I've a 1991 without...
  5. macchip

    vito 638 airbags

    Hi Im just wondering what I would need to fit airbags instead of coil springs to my 638 cheers
  6. S

    ML63 W164 2009 retrofit rear airbags?

    Does anyone know if it is possible? Thx S
  7. S

    Fake airbags Best hope mb doesn't cut more corners.
  8. Murff

    Switch airbags off???

    Hi anyone know how to turn off the airbags in front? Bringing my son home from hospital tomorrow and can't find my bloody manual!!! I've got a w211 e class.
  9. npuk

    W221 Fatal Accident, Airbags Didnt Deploy

    On November 12, 2011, 27 years old Nirmal Saraf, travelling in Mercedes S-class lost his life in an unfortunate road accident in Jaipur. He was on way to Agra when he rammed into a kiosk to avoid collision with a truck. The family, friends’ and the media are outraged against Mercedes as the very...
  10. W

    Lowering a car with airbags, any issues?

    Hello all Looking at getting either a S55 (W220) or an E55 (W211) and was wondering if there would be any undue pressure put on the airbags if i lowered it with a module? Also, can anyone point out any sources for these modules? Is there any other method to lower them? Thanks. :thumb:
  11. S

    w211 Airbags Deployed what needs replacing

    The Airbags have gone off on my recently acquired e320 cdi. Steering wheel and Passenger. Can anybody advise what parts are needed to repair the system. Thanks
  12. S

    W211 2004 bonnet drivers headlight airbags

    HI Im after a black w211 e320 cdi 2004 bonnet, drivers headlight steering airbag dash complete with passenger airbag Thanks
  13. K

    W210 Wipers, Stereo & Airbags Cutout

    Hi Any ideas on this one anybody! Occasionally on my e class i turn the wiper on and it stalls which in turn trips out the stereo and triggers the srs airbag light as if its been turned off and on? The only way to get it back is keep clicking the wiper switch or getting out and pushing the...
  14. Actdaft

    SLK airbags gone boom.

    Both airbags have gone off in the SLK I have bought. What tool do I need to remove the steering wheel airbag? Is it a star drive, pozi, etc. Also do I need a new dash for the car if the dash airbag has gone off? or is there a way to put it all back together? Any help appreciated, cheers...
  15. nick.ged

    124 airbags

    passenger air bag for glove box compartment, and airbag stering wheeel up for grabs, pm me.
  16. L


    looking at doing a merc c class 1995 on bags. can someone explain the differant set ups avalible, id prefer for it to be simple as possible ie front lift/drop rear lift/drop no bouncy bouncy ect just to get the slammed look really. also anyone got any good pics of any nice 95'' c classes...
  17. T

    W124 E320 disable Airbags

    Hi there considering one of these but would need to do this if one of the kids was in the front passenger seat can it be done??
  18. P

    W211 Airbags & Pre tensioners

    Hi, new here so hope I am posting in the correct area. My 2007 w211 E320Cdi Estate has been involved in a head on collision. The drivers airbag and seatbelt pre-tensioner were discharged as expected, but I am bemused by some other occurences - namely, the drivers seat squab seems to have moved...
  19. horsesuitedfool

    C Class door inserts with airbags - Removal???

    Anyone know how i remove the door inserts on my W203?? The fronts have airbags, rears appear not to....Not sure if door card has to be removed entirely or not.....?? Thanks...
  20. M

    rear side airbags

    I have just ordered a new E class W212 (350cdi) and was wandering if I should add rear side airbags to the spec. I have three kids aged 3,5 and 6 and have received conflicting information from the dealer as to the pros and cons of having them. Any information would be appreciated.
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