1. E

    E55 airbox

    Would it be OK to drive the car 3 miles with out air boxes attached. Thanks
  2. DRBC43AMG

    C43 enlarged air-box

    For those with the M113 engined c43 or 55 you should all be interested. I got my hands on a bigger air-box which arrived here a couple of days ago. This should definitely improve airflow to the engine in comparison to the OE box which is rather restricted and it is not priced at silly money...
  3. J

    Help a rookie - got my airbox out - not sure what next

    Hi got the P0171 code again, engine management light off. I changed the air filter a few months ago. I took the airbox out this evening. I am a rooky by the way – so no advice can be too basic for me! I can’t visually see any problem with the breather hose underneath the box. No signs of...
  4. 5

    MB M119 airbox

    Bought this as a project for my 500E but can't be bothered with it now. Complete top airbox with clips. Excellent condition (little dirty). £70 collected?
  5. S

    M113 airbox

    M113 airbox from a 500 car 2002> car. Offering £45.00 posted.
  6. S

    SL55 or E55 m113 airbox

    Thinking about putting a K airbox in place of my NA one, if you have one kicking around let me know. Cheers!
  7. T

    Renntech Airbox or anything else

    Good evening, I am searching for a RennTech air box designed for M113 engines. Actually I am searching for anything which is better than the stock airbox. If anyone has one, just pm me or reply directly on the thread. Thank you very much :)
  8. T

    Airbox upgrade - AMG, Renntech, etc

    Good evening, I've been making some research on how to mod the W220 S500 air box. I found some threads talking about replacing the airbox with AMG, RennTech, etc airboxes. As per dyno sheets, they gained some HPs. What do you guys think of this mod? Thanks
  9. C

    SL55 - airbox improvements etc.

    Thinking of going with something like a Renntech or Carbonio airbox and intake tubes on my SL55 as every little helps as they say. It would also look rather good too, but that's not really the point obviously. Having trouble finding what's available in the UK as nearly all I read about them are...
  10. BenzedUP

    Renntech Carbon Fiber Airbox

    Up for grabs is my 2nd generation Renntech CB Airbox with brand new AMG air filters. It is immaculate condition, Use to take it out when the car goes for a service and put the standard box as I know the MB techs will start putting their tools on the airbox. As far as I know this will fit the...
  11. C

    2002 W168 A210 - EML after opening airbox

    Hi guys, I have an annoying vibration from the airbox when the engine is running, which goes away if you press on the top of the box, so today I took off the lid to see if there is a rubber seal of something missing. Around the edge of the underside of the lid, there is a groove, but not sure if...
  12. J

    C207 E Class Coupe airbox (above the battery)

    What is this box for? there isnt any filter in there at all, should there be? This feeds down into the cabin where the cabin combination filter is but wondered why there is a big airbox above the battery with nothing in it?
  13. Abdul

    AMG airbox - off a w210 or w208 please

    As above guys, looking for an AMG airbox to fit to my CLK 430, I understand the above will definately fit but I'm not too sure about the C43 airbox, if it does indeed fit then i'd be interested in that too! Please reply to the thread as I don't have access to the pm facility yet. Many...
  14. W

    W211 Airbox Bushes?

    Hello.... Does anyone have the part number, even an online link for the bushes on a W211 E270 CDI Airbox? The airbox seems to be vibrating slightly causing excessive noise when idling - noise goes when light pressure is put on the airbox. Thanks in advance. Charlie
  15. Whitey

    W202 230K Airbox Photos

    Hi guys Popped down to MB today to get an airfilter and rather than just pop it in, I decided to clean out the airbox. I found that the years of oil vapour had perished some noise dampening foam and half of it had been sucked in ! I visually inspected the MAF grille which was clear, not sure...
  16. ray_amg

    W211 55K AMG airbox

    As the title states does anybody have one of these for sale? including the Y pipe and the front bit of the engine cover?? basically any 55K AMG airbox models Thanks Ray
  17. R

    WTB M119 W124 AMG Airbox

    As the title says... This is the one that has "/////AMG" on either side, replacing "Mercedes-Benz." I believe the part number is: HWA 119 090 0301 It was made by Mann & Hummel. I do not want the E50 item that has a single "/////AMG" badge molded on the front, or more than likely an...
  18. R

    WTB: AMG airbox for a M119

    As the title says... The one I am looking for is, I think, part number HWA 119 090 03 01. It has "////AMG" in place of "Mercedes-Benz" on each side of the cover. I am not sure if "AMG" is cast in or it is a plastc plate bonded over the original. Thanks, Ron
  19. S

    VRP Carbon Airbox & Pythons fitted

    There is very little choice when it comes to E55 airboxes, and none of them cheap - Renntech - $3500 :eek: Gruppe M - $3300 :eek: VRP - about 2/3s of either :) A couple of months ago I found a brand new VRP airbox on, for a few hundred dollars less than retail, so snapped it...
  20. U

    M119 airbox

    More specifically the underside tubes that come with the airbox. Where the 2 tubes stick out from the side, underneath them is a piece which clips on, I need these pieces. Dave!
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