1. R

    B200 W245 Air con rattle

    Morning all. Strange thing started a few days ago on the B Class. When you switch the aircon on by the button it starts up with a rattle but of when running. When you switch off via the aircon button but the blower is still on it will start rattling again after 5 min. You have to switch the...
  2. C

    W124 Aircon Not working

    Hello All, I have the diavia AC sysietm in my E220 W124 and its never worked since I have had the car since 2011 never been that bothered its a summer car and usually the windows are open, but in a quest to sort out anything that doesn't work my attention had turned to the AC. So I had it...
  3. Gbrowncls55

    Aircon issue

    The aircon (4way) on my cls55 blows much colder from the passenger side central vent than the drivers side. This is true of the side vents also. Any ideas why this might be. Both are set to same temp and on auto. Its still the case even if both are set to lo i.e. max cold
  4. wu56Shoozz

    Stinky Aircon

    So my car on start up smells like a "Sweaty Lobbock" and then disappears.. so I pulled the air filter that looks choked but I wondered if it was anything else or has any one else experienced this? I'm waiting on a new filter then got it booked in for an aircon recharge (courtesy of the forum)...
  5. si.

    2009 w204 aircon issue.

    hi all. my w204 2009 c220 started playing up the other day... during the brief warm weather spell we had I was using my aircon pretty much 100%. I noticed that the air coming from the vents wasn't as cold as I usually was and planned to get it checked out... yesterday after reading lots on these...
  6. Stratman

    Yet another weird aircon issue

    i had my aircon regassed a few weeks ago and it produced an arctic blast from the vents, as expected. The last couple of days (the really hot ones daan saarf) the air coming out of the vents was warm. I could convince myself there might be a hint of coolth in the air, but there was no effective...
  7. D

    Aircon blower fan for SLK R171

    Hi all. Does anyone have a recommended source for MB parts such as the aircon blower fan for an SLK? I've found two websites that appear to have the part except that I strongly suspect they are the same organisation and are not a UK source...
  8. D

    aircon making a hissing noise

    Hello everyone I got in the car last night and switch on the aircon which has been working fine I turned on the blower without the aircon and it was fine then when I switched on the aircon it started making a hissing noise and then I noticed it wasn’t getting cold Any ideas what...
  9. whitenemesis

    Heatwave + Aircon = Dash Creaks

    Not in my RC it doesn't!! :bannana: The car had been sitting in the full sun for 5hrs, roasting hot inside but within a couple of moments the a/c was blowing ice cold air. Not a sound from thermally tortured air ducts or dash panels. Silent but for the rush of blissfully cold air. Turning on...
  10. L

    W126 V8 aircon, cooling fans

    On Sunday, it was nastily warm and so I was using the aircon. On arriving in town and parking up in the supermarket, noticed the temp gauge sitting higher than normal, not up to the red, but about 20° warmer than normal. investigation under the bonnet showed neither of the electric fans...
  11. clk320x

    Air-con weird issue

    Hi guys, My air con works ice cold for a while then starts fading away... if I then turn off the AC button and turn it back on in a few seconds it will work again for a while... It's been regassed and 750g of refrigerant put in, 5cc of oil and 3cc of tracer die. It was vacuum checked and...

    Refresh aircon

    Had an email from MB stating a full aircon service for £67. Including...old gas gas in. Pleasant smelling germ killer. Tested for leaks. Visual inspection of vehicle along with wash, and vacuum clean of interior including free scratches. I presume this is a national offer..
  13. G

    W124 Aircon leak

    Ok so I am now out in Italy. Its quite warm and the Aircon has packed up. It was recharged last summer and I was told no leaks at that time. Just been to the local mechanic and there is absolutely no gas remaining. He is the one that charged it up last year and remembers doing the job. So its...
  14. C

    cls aircon light

    hi, pressed the a/c button on the cls today and the red led just started to flash and the a/c wouldnt kick in. does this have to be checked via start or is there an alternative way to diagnose? cheer
  15. J

    B Class Aircon makes a hissy whispy sound through air vents and loss of cold air

    I've had my a/c re-gassed 3 times now in the last 12 months, my local independent garage did it twice (April 2016 and September 2016) and the most recent was 35 days ago at Kwik Fit - none of them could find a leak and now it has lost it's cold air again :( I do hear a strange...
  16. B

    Coldstar/Mirage aircon

    I want to get my climate control checked out as I think it may have a fault. I don't want to use a Merc dealer or even a trusted independent as I don't consider they have really in-depth knowledge of the systems. Fine for regassing and basic fault finding, but that's it. I would therefore...
  17. R

    W211 AirCon only working on Passenger Side

    I've just driven my W211 E350 (56 plate) back home and put the aircon on but it only seems to be cold on the passenger side, the drivers side is blowing "normal", non cooled air. I've got the 4 zone climate and turned the drivers side down to low but it was still blowing "normal" air. I...
  18. Pittsey

    Aircon Regas

    First bit of sun and it has me thinking about a regas. Haven't had it done before so it definitely could do with it. Any recommendations? Not so keen on Halfords or KwikFit I'm in NW London but am also around Windsor a lot of the time
  19. Petrol Pete

    I didn't know that.....

    ....Pushing and holding in the recirculate button on the climate/aircon unit on the dashboard will instantly wind up all open windows and close the sunroof ! Much easier than scrabbling around for all the buttons when passing a muck spreader. :thumb:
  20. Yugguy

    W204 aircon evaporator drain

    Hello. Anyone got a pic of where the drain is? I have looked on t'internet but can't find a w204 specific one. I believe it is in the middle of the car near the front? I think mine might be blocked, there's a musty smell. I changed the pollen filter in march but I'll check it.
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