1. A

    no heater (airflow) from passenger side airvents

    Hi, I have noticed that if I put the AC on airflow from center air vents is fine. The issue is when I put the heater on there's no air flow from passenger side vents (including side vent from passenger side). Its a right hand drive car. What could be the issue for no heated air from...
  2. P

    2004 180k Mass airflow

    Is it ok to just remove the sensor by disconnecting cable, and removing two hex screws to clean, rather than taking the complete body unit out to?
  3. O

    Poor cabin airflow to screen and feet of C220 Cdi

    My car is a 13 year old C220 Cdi Sport Coupe that has a puzzling problem with the cabin airflow to the screen and feet (depending upon where it's being directed), even with the fan at maximum. Both heater and AC do work but owing to the poor airflow, it takes some time to be comfortable and is...
  4. T

    probelm with airflow meter

    Hi, I am sharing a quick information with you guys.I was having real problem with my car and then upon on diagnosis found out that air flow meter needs to be replace.I bought it VogueCollections-LTD and its really good quality and price. Thanks
  5. kevinofengland

    Speed Limiter not working & airflow sensor

    Hello all. Two things someone may be wise enough to comment on: The speed limiter has stopped working and I wonder if there are any common issues that I could check. Also I need a replacement Mass Airflow Sensor and would appreciate advice on how much I should be paying and if there are some...
  6. B

    W208 55 AMG poor airflow

    I've just upgraded from my CLK320 to a 55 AMG and am having a problem with the blowers on the new car. There is only a tiny amount of air coming out of the vents even with the fan set on maximum. To put it in perspective, my 320 (no climate control but has air con) puts out a huge amount more...
  7. P

    230e problem with airflow potentio

    I have a new 3 month 230E buy, but there are problems in the airflow potentiometer, because the needle on the cluster up and down,,, No one can help me weeks to get the airflow? partsnya this number 3347224035
  8. A

    Mass airflow

    Hey there. Apologies if there's a thread somewhere that explains this already. I'm new to the Mercedes world (and loving it so far). Have a 2006 C230 (WDB203521F805379) and wanted to know if i could get someone to give me a resource where i could get part numbers. I've looked around but can't...
  9. M

    Center Vents on W211 - Airflow

    Hi Folks I've just changed car to a 2006 E320cdi Sport with the Thermatic (rotary temp selectors) and the operation of the center vents are a bit of a mystery to me. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be much airflow through them, even though the side vents are full whack. I'm assuming that the...
  10. C

    C124 - Airflow from vents same regardless of control knob setting!

    Guys, I get the same 'airflow' out of my interior vents regardless of where the control knob is set?? Whats going on?
  11. V

    r107 footwell airflow / lever control

    The passenger foot well airflow of my 1986 300sl does not shut off with the result that passengers' feet are soon baking and the dashboard itself also gets very hot after an hour or two of constant driving. It appears the the left most sliding air flow 'lever' in the console (which I believe...
  12. M

    A180 CDI Mass Airflow Meter (2005 model)

    I'm new to this (Merc Forum) and am not a mechanic but I need a little advice from people who are more knowledgeable than I. I have an orange warning light on my dashboard, which is an engine symbol. It's been there for a while now; Mercedes in Dusseldorf cleared it and so did Mercedes in...
  13. M

    Why would airflow mixing chamber need replacing

    Hi, Anyone out there know why the above would need replacing? Garage said diagnostic test showed egr valve was faulty. No improvement to problem after replacement. Further investigation done and solenoid control valve replaced,now the problem is sorted. Thanks for feedback
  14. I

    SLK320 Mass Airflow Sensor

    Hi Guys, Just a quickie. Is this, 0280217515, the MB part number for a 2001 SLK320 mass airflow sensor? Cheers, Tony
  15. S

    Location of Mass Airflow Sensor?

    C220CDi estate 2001 My merc is exhibiting all the symptoms of a faulty mass airflow sensor, lack of power, limit of 3000 rpm etc etc Can anyone tell me where the MAF sensor is actually located? I bought a Haynes manual hoping this would show it but no! Thanks in advance Simon
  16. I

    W208CLK Airflow MAF wanted

    As above, if anyone has a orginal bosch for sale please let me know before i try ebay cheers
  17. L

    Replacing bulb behind airflow direction dial in an W208

    Replacing bulb behind airflow direction dial in a W208 Folks, Has someone done this fix before and figured out what part is needed to do this? I'm not sure where to start. See below picture of where the bulb is......
  18. A

    Poor airflow through windscreen vents W210?

    The windscreen takes ages to demist. The fan works fine and the other vents get plenty of airflow. The pollen filter is clean. I tried taking the heater controls off (manual climate control) and noticed the right-hand control stalk was very easy to turn. It appears that its vent flap in the...
  19. C


    hi, i got w202 c180. got problem with my heater, the side vent gaves more hot air than the centre vent. any idea what causing it? is it because of blocked pollen filter? :rolleyes: :confused:
  20. S

    S320 CDI Mass airflow sensor replacement

    My old girl (S320 CDI - Year 2000) just hit 60,000 miles and won't kickdown or accelerate strongly. I just had an independent service a month or so ago and high oil level warning flashed once on a recent long trip so I thought that might be related. Otherwise engine seems fine, no smoke and...
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