1. OneTwoNine

    W219 OEM Airmatic Link Set

    Does anyone have a set of the linkage that go on in place of the lowering linkages on the CLS W219. Cash waiting.
  2. M

    Airmatic suspension Relay w164 /×164

    Hi could any one tell me the what Each pin does on the relay And where the wires go from under the sam unit Please Thanks
  3. C

    airmatic ride height cls55

    Hello All, im in the process of going through the cls55 thoroughly to try and get it to drive straight. Even though its had all the arms replaced, track rods and a 4 wheel alignment, it still pulls to the left, badly. I noticed the other day, there seems to be a disparity in the ride...
  4. M

    GL320 (x164) airmatic problem

    Hi I'm at a loss at my new gl The air suspension compressor is not cutting in I've got a fault code 5400 which is a faulty compressor But I've put 2 second hand ones on and still got the fault code But there is no power going to the compressor if I jump the relay the compressor powers up...
  5. M

    Airmatic advice appreciated

    Hi all, My 2005 W220 has airmatic suspension, which whilst driving works just fine in all settings comfort, sport 1 and sport 2 (no malfunction messages on dash) The problem I am having is that when I park the car up I notice the r/o/s lowers by about 2-3" where as the r/n/s only lowers...
  6. G

    W219 CLS500 with Airmatic

    Hello guys, Since I got the car a few weeks ago. I sorted out a few things with the engine etc. However there is a strange thing with the suspesion. It feels it is rocking left to right and vice versa. This is when I am on uneven road etc... feels like the front right wheel is loose and moving...
  7. D

    S211 Airmatic - Scanned fault fixed - wont rise ?

    I had my car scanned today after the rear dropping when drivingCarit wasn't quite on the stops but close. During tests with a mates RAC scanner ( hes an RAC guy ) we got the rear to lower but wouldn't rise. Pump error was found, Ive just been out to the car and the pump is like new Id eat my...
  8. MancMike

    Tell me about Airmatic on W212

    Hi, I'm seriously looking at W212 E350 CDIs now. I've read about airmatic and everyone seems to sing it's praises, saying it's like riding a magic carpet. Does anyone have experience of both airmatic and non-airmatic suspension on the 212? I'm curious to know how much of the ride...
  9. U

    Bouncy ride with airmatic

    I happen to own 2010 W164 ML 320 CDI Airmatic. It recenlty got all four airbags, rear shocks, height sensors, compressor, sway bar bushings changed at the mercedes dealership. Before you ask i have also new Dunlop XL summer tires and they are all balanced. Somehow i have two issues: 1) The...
  10. D

    W211 2003 Estate Airmatic - Wheel Fit Question

    my car has airmatic all round. Does airmatic make any difference to space in the wheel well or not ? I'm looking at fitting some SL wheels to my S211: 8.5J ET35 255/40/18 9.5J ET40 285/35/18 I've looked at the chart in the sticky and see the fronts have been fitted as has the rear...
  11. BKM

    W220 Airmatic leak?

    Hi all, Last week after having the car parked for about 24 hours I found the front on the ground and the lovely red message "Airmatic - stop, car too low". Within a few seconds after starting the engine the car went up and the message dissapeared. Drove to work. After 4 hours the same problem...
  12. M

    Airmatic regular check

    While cleaning my 2005 W220 this week I was lucky to spot that the rubber pipe connecting the Airmatic filter to the pump had split at both ends where it attaches to the pump and filter spigots. While the pump and suspension overall is working fine this split hose, due to it's location directly...
  13. M

    cls airmatic height sensor

    My icarsoft MB2 tells me the height sensor on drivers side is faulty ..its as high on that side as a monster truck.... My question...When the new sensor is fitted do i have to have a star reset or is the unit plug and play ,,Thanks
  14. J

    Airmatic "Malfunction" message

    Have occasionally had this pop up though the suspension seems to be working fine and it isnt dropping when left, or at least not by a huge amount, no more than it ever has done. My dad has a generic ODB2 code reader and tried using that to get clues but it didnt find a single code, is it that...
  15. I

    W218 CLS - Airmatic or Steel Suspension?

    Any views on whether Airmatic is worth the premium or is the AMG steel suspension fine with the AMG Sport Pack and the 18" wheels? I don't like a jarring ride and the roads aren't the best here so avoiding the 19s.
  16. O

    Any airmatic guru needed.

    Recently bought an e55. Few small problems I intend to work through to get her completely perfect again. Arimatic symptoms: Rear or front of the car won't raise. Rear is lower than the front. Dash says "car raising" then the visit work shop Relay replaced as old one was dead...
  17. MikeInWimbledon

    W221 Airmatic suspension control (RTFM problem?)

    My 2007 W221 S500 is a magic carpet on its 17 inch wheels. I do enjoy a wafty ride. I know that if I switch to "Sport," the car will change its gear change points and drop the car by an inch. And I know the suspension will harden slightly when the speed gets to be a little bit fast...
  18. Uky

    Statistics for AirMatic Problems W212?

    Hello. I am considering a W212 with AirMatic suspension. Having previously owned a CL, I then had some concerns about the ABC-system used in those vehicles although I never had any problems with that system. From what I have learned, the AirMatic compressor and the struts are almost equally...
  19. Lenny63

    W219 airmatic - won't lower from comfort to sports 1/2

    Plugged into star , no active or Stored faults Any suggestions ? Is there some tests I could get carried out via STAR to narrow down the issue ? It was working fine until recently Regards Lenny
  20. design guru

    W220 airmatic issue

    I have a w220 2001 S320 cdi, recently I have noticed when parked up over night the car raises to the maximum height, even when I unlock the car usually it drops by releasing the pressure but it remains at maximum height. It does go down to normal heigh once I begin driving but the raises up...
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