1. Lennox

    Edinburgh airport parking

    Where's best?? Im parking for 5 days at Edinburgh airport for the next few weeks, where is best? Scot park looks closest and easy to get too but you leave the keys which I'm not a fan of..??? Ideas??
  2. markjay

    'Chemical incident' in London City Airport

    London City Airport evacuated in 'chemical' scare - BBC News The big question.... accident, or terror-related?
  3. RyanMuller

    Would you ever leave your car in an airport car park?

    Through previous experience previous cars I have been in had dings or nice mud marks on the sills. I would be wary handing my keys over to a randomer! Does anybody still trust the airport parking guys? Or am I just paranoid? PS. I am the guy that parks in the furthest corner away from...

    V8 Car Hire Malaga Airport...

    Hi Gents, Planning a trip to Spain October and wondered if you knew of any Malaga airport based car hire for F-type (:eek:), thinking driving up to Seville. Would like to hear if any of you have done anything similar V6 / V8 having used a company? Helle Hollis has already been mentioned to...
  5. lisa110rry

    Airport Parking

    Has this been done? Holidaymaker flies home to find 'parked' car caught speeding - BBC News Mods please delete/move if unsuitable. I would be so cross at this!
  6. D

    Holiday family's car is driven 800 miles while 'parked' by airport firm

    Gatwick airport valet company drove car 800 miles while family are on holiday | Daily Mail Online Mercedes E220 had 7,226 miles on the clock. Read more:
  7. Dave Richardson

    Parking & over night stay at Bristol Airport

    We're looking to park our car close to Bristol Airport in mid June before flying to Italy & then to stay near to the airport when we return about a week later. We've found Bristol airport lodge on line, has anyone stayed there ? Bristol airport Lodge Or has anyone experienced over...
  8. Dave Richardson

    Car Hire at Pisa Airport

    We're hoping to visit Tuscany during the month of June and flying to Pisa airport. Looking to hire a small car for just a week Fiat or similar has anyone else had experience of car hire from Pisa ? Any recommendations or pitfalls that I should look for :dk: David
  9. bob6600

    Want to buy an airport?

    No reserve :D Cuidad Airport in Spain goes on sale for £1 | Metro News
  10. AMGeed

    Airport Parking rip off

    I was clearing out my glovebox today and found my ticket from last Sunday at Heathrow Terminal 4 short stay car park. As many will know, Di*k Turpin set the rate at £3 50 for up to 30 minutes, and that increased to £6 50 for 1hr. On closer inspection of my ticket, I noticed that I arrived at 17...
  11. D

    What to do in an Airport?

    I was in Ireland for a few hours yesterday, and was back at the airport with a 3 hour wait for my flight. I managed to entertain myself somewhat.... Fantastic fun. Heartily recommend it to anyone who may stumble into Terminal 2 at Dublin (You can walk there from Terminal 1 also)...
  12. Spinal

    Which Airport to Battersea park

    Need some suggestions by someone who moves inside London more than me. I need to be at Battersea Park by 19:00 (not today I may add!), and the flight options land at 16:25 in either Heathrow or City airport. Give 30 minutes to get through Heathrow, or 15 for City airport; which is my best...
  13. T

    Daughter at malaga airport with washed passport

    Just Got a Phonecall from my daughter at Malaga airport her fiancee washed both their passports this afternoon his picture has dissolved completely her passport is blurry and " stuck together " This monday is Bank Hol in Spain so they could be stuck there till tuesday at earliest? Any...
  14. DSM10000

    Near miss at aptly named airport!

    BBC News - Planes in 'near miss' at Barcelona airport The name of the airport? El Prat:D
  15. O

    Airport parking issues?

    Hi guys, I'm off on holiday in april for three weeks and will he leaving the car in a car park in gatwick. Will i have any problems with battery drain etc? I used to have an s60r and whenever it wasn't used for 7 days or more would sometimes have problems starting. Spoke to Volvo and...
  16. Allen75

    Airport transfer?

    Hi everyone, I'm going on a business trip overseas next month (Chicago) and was hoping that you could maybe give me a little bit of advice. I've never been in Chicago before and therefore I'm not at all familiar with the public transport there. I'm not too keen on taking a taxi, as I've heard...
  17. A

    Airport parking

    Hi all. Got back from tenerife on Friday, into Bristol. Went to collect car from silver zone and off we were to Plymouth. Next day my partner went to drive and the memory seat wouldn't work, so I had a fiddle and found both seats unplugged underneath. Now, it is a 2001 C240, and I know battery...
  18. T

    Luton Airport Parking reccomendations

    I am trying to book a weeks parking at Luton 9th march onwards Cheapest price I am getting is £48 2 years ago I paid £21.99 Off site with an hourly shuttle which we need as we check in at 6:00am I was wondering if the parking works like easyjet ryanair ie book more in advance and its...
  19. ringway

    Four Bored Scousers at Prague Airport.

  20. F

    Gatwick airport lounge

    Going on long haul holiday on friday so am required to check in quite early means we have to spend a couple of hours in the airport. To make it less stressful i though id book the family in to a lounge. Does anyone have experience of the gatwick north lounges, serviceair or nr1? Is it worth...
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