1. 219

    Scottish Airshow

    I attended the airshow at the weekend , here are a few pictures :) Unfortunately , the BBMF didn't come on the Saturday when I took these photos ( due to bad weather down south ) but I got some video of the two Lancasters on the Sunday when they did a flypast ( single pass so no chance to take...

    Vulcan XH558 at the Southport airshow 23.07.2001

    ‪Vulcan at Southport airshow 23.07.2011.m2ts‬‏ - YouTube :D Here's a wee video I did from Lytham viewing the Southport airshow. The camera was hand and on full zoom most of the time, so not the best work but still watchable. XH558 exits North onwards to Windermere, over St.Annes and...
  3. D-18

    East Fortune Airshow 2010

    Did anyone go along? Weather wasn't great, but at least a few Merlin engined aircraft were in the air - for my money the best sounding aeroengine ever. A few (sorry - poor quality) pics of a P40, P51 and Dakota for those who may be interested.
  4. BTB 500

    Pictures from the Oldtimer airshow at Hahnweide airfield, Kirchheim unter Teck

    A few pics. from this: We were only able to attend briefly ... dry when we got there (before the flying started), but by the time the JU-52 formations arrived (a four-ship and a two-ship ... due to the weather they had been unable to meet up on the way, as planned) it...
  5. LeighW

    F22 Raptor at Farnborough airshow

    I know it's generally frowned upon to just go dragon, sorry, dragging up links to news sites, but this thing is amazing! I didn't make this year's show, would've loved to have seen this though. :cool:
  6. S

    Farnborough Airshow

    Any military planespotters/arms dealers lurking here? I've been watching the likes of the B-52, B-1B, Saab Gripen, Eurofighter Typhoon, F/A-18F Superhornet and F-16 showing off this week. Lucky for me its all visible from the comfort of my desk :bannana: Shame it only comes around once...
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