1. MWCLS


    I can't message you, your in box is full. Thanks Michael
  2. D

    Happy Birthday Aka$h

    Bit late but hope you've had a good day Simal. :thumb:
  3. B

    Aka$h please empty your message box

    Sorry to put this here but trying to get hold of you re 124 bits you have for sale but your inbox is full. Please pm me. Putting my marker down on the steering wheel. Cheers Tom
  4. D

    Happy Birthday Aka$h!

    Many happy returns...:thumb:
  5. E

    BIG Thank you to member Aka$h

    I recently purchased some alloy wheels from a forum member called Aka$h who sells alloy wheels. He was very helpful and informative as I had quite a few questions to ask him before I made the purchase. I was to pick up and pay for the wheels in the weekend and I wanted to put them on the car...
  6. M

    aka$h's old E36 replica on PH

    Mercedes : 1994 Mercedes E320 (E36 Clone) AMG Coupe It still looks lovely! aka$h took me for a spin in it once - The difference over E320 simply astounded me! :rock: Shame the seller hasn't put any photos of the interior in his advert. I'm surprised rust is already coming through, but I'd...
  7. gurpz

    Happy Birthday aka$h

    Happy Birthday mate and wish you all the best :thumb:
  8. Burnham

    aka$h do you still have your E320 Coupe?

    Sorry to post this here, but I have a <30 post count so am unable to PM you! I know its a long shot, but if you do, can you let me know?
  9. gurpz

    Happy Birthday aka$h

    Happy Birthday mate and wish you all the best :bannana:
  10. pammy

    Happy Birthday Aka$h

    Have a great day :bannana: :bannana:
  11. M

    Thanks to Nav and Simal (Aka$h)

    Nice meeting up with you guys today and the help in picking up a turbo kit for the 3.2 was very much appreciated. I have just spent ages searching through my huge Xmas pressie and whilst there is quite a bit I wont be using there is a huge amount present to make my job a vast amount easier...
  12. pluggers

    Happy Birthday aka$h

    Happy Birthday mate have a good un :bannana: :bannana:
  13. F

    Aka$h's W124

    Your car looks STUNNING mate...!!!:) However, IMO the AMG rear duck tail spolier looks odd without the MB Star. My guesses are that you like it like that but does anyone agree that the boot lid looks plain without the star or better...?
  14. imadoofus

    Another one for Aka$h?

    I can't find the thread about him now, but that guy who was in Mercedes Enthusiast who owns one of each model of E36 is selling them all. They being sold through www.g-wagen.co.uk but they're not mentioned on the site as I write this. Coupe, Cabrio, Saloon and Estate. Total cost when new...
  15. M

    E36 AMG Aka$h ?

    Looks pricey and no bodykit but it is low mileage. www.mercedes-crawley.com/Pages/p879yru.htm
  16. pammy

    Happy Birthday Aka$h

    Have a great day :D :bannana: :bannana:
  17. stats007

    One for Aka$h?

    MAE Wheels
  18. N

    FAO aka$h

    Please reply to the pms I've sent you regarding the 190 D you are advertising in this section.
  19. P

    Aka$h's SL280

    very nice :cool: What is that colour called? I like the alloys. Its a shame about the Cat going :( But the most important thing about the car is, everytime you get into it it makes you grin :D Your picture has also answered a question I had about my shift knob :) Happy driving :bannana:
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