1. jonnyboy

    Home security - alarms and cctv systems

    All Anyone got any recommendations for alarm systems and cctv systems? I am likely to install myself in the coming weeks as my arm continues to heal but I am unable to do any heavy (real!!) work. We looked at an alarm company doing one for us a couple of years ago as ours needs updating but...
  2. grober

    Scorpion alarms archive.

    I posted this link on another forum in reponse to a member's question. This is a link to a series of user's manuals and installation instructions for Scorpion alarms fitted to older Mercedes models. Most of these alarms were fitted by the supplying MB dealer so the installations varied...
  3. ioweddie

    Smoke Alarms any recommendations?

    My so call 10 year smoke alarms 'Fireangel' have conked out one after 5 years and the other one today, the company is rubbish, so looking for alternatives. So much choice, so I thought I ask on here. Thanks
  4. mr tibbs

    BAS / ABS alarms

    Hi all Well I really did it today :( We kept getting an intermittent "check brake light" alarm so today I decided to check it out as I thought it would be a bad connection. I did notice the other day that the rear right brake light didn't always illuminate when I was following my wife. I removed...
  5. Tan

    House Alarms

    Hi I am in the process of choosing a new house alarm and in the light of a friend having recently been broken into just after moving into his new house, I think I want to fit a new alarm soon as we can after getting the house. So my question here is what are people thoughts / advice...
  6. V12cat

    W220 False Alarms.

    My 2003 W220 S500L seems to have developed a problem with the alarm, or maybe the boot catch, which is triggering the alarm. A couple of days ago I left the headlights on accidentally for an hour or so. This was after nearly a week of not running and it drained the battery just enough to...
  7. N

    iphone alarms

    I have the iphone 4, not that impressed so far, can't find the alarm or the radio. thats if they have them. if not does that mean the technology has gone back 15 years and i can't figure out how to change the send and receive settings on the emails. i have 3 email accounts on the phone and i...
  8. I

    GT Auto Alarms

    Anyone have any knowledge of these systems?
  9. simon22

    Alarms ??? Clk 2001 200k cab

    Hi have a top of the range Clifford concept alarm remote start etc, when battery falls below 11 volts it starts its self after you prime it,you never have to worry about leaving my car for weeks, i have just been told by the guy who fitted it to my x show car pug 306 cab , that you cant fit...
  10. Baron_Samedi

    Mercedes-Benz Alarms

    I was wondering why Mercedes don't have an LED somewhere to let you know that the alarm is enabled. Is my car broken or do Mercedes have a reason for not giving the visual indication of a set alarm?
  11. N

    Aftermarket reverse alarms ?

    Hi, Looking for a car for a mate and spotted this car 02 w210, perfect bodywork and car looks great but something pussles me about the interior. Any ideas what the round things are ? Also missing mirror adj. button and wood cover looks dodgy ?
  12. mercmanuk

    optical and ionisation smoke alarms

  13. S

    False alarms

    i have had a few occassions when the alarm has gone off on our 2000 C230K, has anyone had any experience with this, and maybe a cure. It doesn't happen too often, but the instances have increased recently (3 times this month). Cheers
  14. Tan

    Burglar Alarms

    Hi Can anyone recommend a Burglar alarm company in the Woodford Essex area? I have notices that many of the systems advertised these days are wireless, are these any good or should we stick to a traditional hard wired system. I think that I would prefer the wired system. Thanks Tan
  15. grober

    Scorpion alarms circuit diagrams.

    Found this site which gives details of Scorpion alarm circuits. Many early 90s Mercedes models were dealer retrofitted with scorpion alarms before they were integrated into the main wiring system in later models. There have been many enquiries about these old alarms so hope this helps. ;)...
  16. R

    Toad Alarms

    Hi, I've been gatting a few quotes to get a new Cat 1 alarm fitted to my 190. I got a good price of £245 fitted for a cat1 Toad alarm at a local approved place. The thing is, I got a phone call, after a request, from GAP security. The guy there said that Toad alarms are a waste of time...
  17. S

    False Alarms! - Then Red Mirror Light flashs 7 times-Help!

    I knew everything was going too well. Haven't been on for a while cos it's been working fine. But - my 1996 C200 alarm has started goin off intermittently. When I turn the ignition on afterwards, the red light on the rear view mirror flashes 7 times, pauses, then flashes 7 times again...
  18. bloodmoon

    Cat 1 Alarms: Recommendations?

    Hi all, The 300CE-24 which I recently bought did not come with an alarm, so I am looking at possible options. I think I will certainly go for a Category 1 alarm/immobiliser, and have a couple that grabbed my attention. I would prefer a setup that included total closure if possible. Was...
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