1. J

    2014 W220 coupe traffic alerts

    I have the radio with the sat nav and command etc. I have about 6 stations pre set - radio 2, classic fm, a couple of local BBC stations, jazz fm etc. The only time I get the traffic reports is from classic fm. When they have a traffic report on their station it cuts into my CD or mp3 but no...
  2. geek

    COmand Tom Tom traffic alerts

    Hi, Can anyone advise whether the 3 year subscription that comes with the W222 comand for traffic updates etc can be extended. I assume it can. On previous mercedes there was no subscription and traffic updates were free. A friend has one and is concerned that it runs out soon and doesn't...
  3. K

    speed camera alerts

    my cls has no audible alerts for safety camera's,so decided to purchase a dash cam with alerts,spot on snooper dvr-4 also has forward collision warning system,lane departure,wi-fi,normal camera function and other bits and pieces,only down side user manual is on computer.had it wired to ignition...
  4. uumode

    Geo ring fencing alerts after MB connect me app upgrades

    I found that after MB refreshed their connect me app, My geo ring fencing alert emails have stopped. Anyone else find they are not getting the alert emails when car exits or enters the specified geo fence?
  5. L

    navigation (speed camera alerts)

    Hi all, This is my first time here as I have recently purchased a c220 blutech amg line and was wondering if anyone knew how I could get speed camera alerts on the navigation please? I owned a lexus ct200 advance plus which had a very nice navigation system with speed camera alerts which I...
  6. A

    Map pilot speed alerts

    I have a Becker Map Pilot that has the speed camera alerts enabled on it so I get the 'beeps' near speed cameras. Does anyone know how to turn the volume of beeps down?
  7. bb178

    Anyone tried the driver alerts for Becker mappilot yet?

    looks like the Becker are now offering safety alerts for the Becker mappilot from here Anybody downloaded them yet?
  8. ringway

    Alerts to threats in 2011 Europe by John Cleese.

    Inappropriate post.
  9. Satch

    Alerts to threats in 2011: Europe

    You may have already seen this but worth reposting as it is the considered output of one of the finest minds the world has to offer: "The French government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from "Run" to "Hide." The only two higher levels in France are...
  10. Barryh

    road angel alerts

    Got this device 2 weeks ago.Has been updated at weekend.Driving today I got numerous warnings about mobile vans,but none about.Are these mobiles set to a specific position as alerted by road angel but not always there.i.e can be there at anytime or can they turn up anywhere.I am confused about...
  11. Satch

    Security alerts

    Worked in the City for 18 years and have never, ever, seen so many coppers, Transport Police & Special Constables in Central London as this morning. I know that there are also a lot of plain clothes knocking around and also the Army has a lot of their boys in civvies. They are all over the...
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