1. Ronan1982

    Replacing C204 Brush Ali Door Trim

    Hi Guys, On my C204 as you can see in the pictures I have the Brushed Aluminium Console and door Trims. I have noticed the door trims have a few marks, and was wondering if its a simple DIY job I can do myself? Does the door cards have to come off to do this? or is it a simple pop off...
  2. Ted

    Muhammad Ali

    This morning I wake up to hear about the death of Muhammad Ali. One of my boyhood, and later, my adult heroes. I recall getting up in 1964 at 3 a.m. to listen to his fight against Sonny Liston and followed him ever since. The greatest fighter ever and a man of true principles - always worth...
  3. bennesspipers

    W210 Ali exhaust guard fixings ?

    I'm removing the aluminium exhaust guard from above the rear exhaust box on my 210 estate, how are the rivets/bolts supposed to come apart ? With them being well rusted i cant see an obvious way. Are they just a large rivet, or like a nut & bolt ? They seem very long for the small job that they...
  4. S

    Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi

    Seems he may be allowed to go home
  5. nigel cross

    Ali sill covers

    Mercedes W203 C Class Mercedes door sills - Chrome/ Alu Has any one bought any of these? Any good? Cant paste hyperlink Try this
  6. Sp!ke

    Ali G style hood star?

    Stumbled upon this below on my travels... kinda like it in silver in an Ali G sort of way.... Dont suppose it would stay on the car for long tough before some thieving toerag would pinch it.
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