1. V

    W204 C63 alignment issues

    a few months ago I had my C63 aligned by a "specialist" local to me on a John Bean machine, after a few attempts he still couldn't get the steering wheel straight. Took the car off the road a for a few months and went today to have it realigned on a hunter machine and instead of the wheel...
  2. PhilLinda

    Rear bumper alignment adjustment

    I've recently purchase a C class coupé (C204) and noticed that the OSR bumper doesn't quite align underneath the rear light correctly. The light sticks out by a few mm. I took off the light and the bumper seems to be attached correctly to the mounting and there's no obvious adjustment. Does...
  3. K

    Recommendations - 4 Wheel alignment (toe/camber/castor/etc.) Lanarkshire

    Hello folks, does anyone have experience of using a reputable garage for 4 wheel alignment (toe/camber/castor/etc.) in the Lanarkshire area? The hunter machines are usually heralded as the best, but does anyone know of an operator in my area?.. and are they experienced (as I'm of the...
  4. M

    W211 Mirror folding alignment

    Hi, I've had my W211 for a few months now, a 2006 e320 CDI (facelift). I've had an issue since i bought in that the mirror when unfolding goes out too much, and so I have to pull it in manually for me to be able to see out of it. When its folded out too much, the mirror doesn't adjust...
  5. T

    W208 CLK steering alignment?

    Hey, when driving in a straight line my wheel isn't exactly in the centre. I knew on older mercs you could remove and replace the steering wheel to adjust this, my local garage says not so on this car, can anyone confirm this or make any suggestions? I've had the steering aligned a few times. Thanks
  6. M

    Hunter hawkeye alignment

    I had my car alignment checked and recieved a print out much of which goes over my head.Some things in green boxes and red boxes my question is can you expect all the boxes to be green or is it to much to ask for generally ? Magpiemalemerc
  7. L

    Clk 320 w208 body work alignment issue

    Hello , I've just picked up a Clk 320 last week , I've been doing a fair amount of work (she's certainly in need)! When I purchased of assumed a front end collision as the bumper / bonnet didn't align on the right side . After fixing a sticky bonnet latch the bonnet is now down properly...
  8. lfckeeper

    Full camber caster toe alignment North East

    Can anyone recommend a full alignment place in the North East (Not MB Teesside- I wouldn't give them the s--t off my shoe or Prestige Stockton they always seem uninterested, which is a shame as both are about 4 mins away). Unfortunately the most recommended people on here (WIM) are too far...
  9. EDDIE12

    Northern ireland wheel alignment

    Hi, can any Northern Ireland members recommend a good garage that can carry out a full wheel alignment on a facelift C63? Had a quote from Mercedes Benz Belfast @ a cost off £240.00. Would appreciate any feedback :thumb:
  10. H

    What to make of this wheel alignment?

    This is turning into a farce! I went in for alignment with the steering wheel pointing to the left. Now it is pointing slightly to the right! The front camber is a concern- they said this is not adjustable. I've read I can buy adjustment bolts but these only offer a slight amount of...
  11. V

    Mercedes wheel alignment

    Long story short had the track rod ends & inner tie rods replaced on my C63. Dropped it at Mercedes this morning and had a call to say it needs front camber bolts and 1 hours labour to fit. Works out to around £150 for the bolts and fitting plus the inititial £90 for the checks a total of...
  12. J

    Hunter Alignment

    FYI If you are within travel distance of RUGBY then TW Tyres in Paynes Lane are now using the Hunter Alignment System.
  13. V

    C63 wheel alignment and service.

    My C63 was in at merc for a B service on Monday. When I got the car back it had been driven around 2 miles ( checking milage before I dropped it off ) Now I'm driving it, feel like the alignment is slightly out. Not a huge amount but I have to make more small corrections in the steering than...
  14. W

    Troubleshooting: squeaky wheel at low speed, vibration at 70mph. Drop in fuel economy

    Hi everyone So, last weekend I noticed a bit of squeak slowing down. Then at 70mph a vibration, and fuel economy has dipped. I'm a novice, but it's obviously alignment or wheel ba lance My dilemma is which do I pay to get done first? I wa thinking wheel balance, but then if that's not the...
  15. adrianlobont

    Tracking/wheel alignment query

    Hi guys, I'm planning to get a new set of tyres fitted on the rear end, do I have to do a wheel alignment for the rear ?
  16. S

    Alignment in West Sussex Area?

    Can anyone recommend somewhere Mercedes friendly (i.e. not full of apes who will do a bad job) in the West Sussex/South East Surrey area for wheel alignment? I've noticed that the steering wheel is very slightly off centre but the car tracks straight, and I'd like to get it corrected. Cheers.
  17. C

    Wheel alignment needed Sussex/Surrey - recomendations?

    My SL63 is wearing the outer edge of the passenger side front so need the alignment checked before replacing the tyre. Had mixed experience getting this done properly in the past so any recommendations. Am in West Sussex Gatwick area.
  18. J

    Brake pad and alignment issues after only 5 months - any rights?

    Hi all. My 2010 CLS 350 Grand is in for its Service D today. It's 5 months and around 4,500 since I bought it. They've called to say that the front alignment is out and the rear pads are 80% worn. I'm not surprised they didn't offer to fix either of these things under the 12 month approved...
  19. Peter DLM

    E63s are very fussy when it comes to alignment.

    My E63 had its first service last week and it was noticed that the rear tyres were badly worn on the inner shoulders, yet had 4mm remaining across the width of the tyre. I took it to Wheels in Motion in Chesham as they did a good job on sorting a pervious MB I had which pulled badly to the...
  20. M

    Hunter Hawkeye 4 Wheel Alignment in Stafford - Stafford Tyres

    Hi Folks, Just wanted to suggest Stafford Tyres to anyone looking for 4 Wheel Alignment in Stafford or surrounding areas. I've been meaning to get 'Gerta' checked since I bought her but with other things to do, the wheel alignment had dropped down the list. Anyway, called in at Stafford...
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