1. trapperjohn

    16 Inch. 8 Hole Alloys. X 4.

    Part Number 210401070 71/2JX16HET41 Fitted with 3 X CONTIWINTERCONTACT and 1 X CONTIPREMIUMCONTACT. (Had a non repairable puncture in the other WinterContact) All tyres road legal. Conditional of the alloys, fair. Available from PR6 postcode or possible delivery to Yorkshire, North...
  2. m.b-amg

    FS Matt Black AMG style alloys with tyres.

    Here we have a full set of Mercedes AMG style wheels complete with new tyres ( see receipt ) these wheels are matt black with a polished lip and come with all centre caps and AMG badges. These wheels are unique with the twist screw cap centre cap ( not like the pop off caps, these screw off...
  3. A

    C219 CLS63 18" alloys wanted (AMG VI)

    As above, Tall order I know.. but you never know who's hoarding what... I already have the same wheels but in E class width and offsets so i'm after a set of the CLS wheels for a bit more "poke". Wheels are the ones in the following link: 18" AMG VI wheels in High Sheen with...
  4. yuriboy

    20" alloys on a w212

    hi all , i have picked up some 20"wheels front are 8.5" & et35 and rears are 9" & et 42 and i am looking for what tyres to fit to them for my 59 reg 350cdi (sport) anyone know what will fit without any rubbing . thanks
  5. pauljbpaul

    Early r129 500sl flat face 16" alloys wanted

    My SL has 8 holes, i prefer the 16" flat face if anyone has a set to sell or swap I believe the part number to the ones im after is 129400102 Please let me know if anyone has a set or even singles
  6. K

    Genuine Merc Centre Caps for 18" AMG 3 alloys... Best place?

    Hello ladies and genitals... My car is being detailed (including a new coating on the calipers) so might as well do a couple of minor things whilst there... As title suggests and hoping to call on the experience of people who bought them before, where is the best place where I can get...
  7. N

    CLS 63 w219 20' Alloys

    Guys thinking of changing wheels on the CLS. Has anyone expireanced 20'? Does it change ride quality moving from a 19'?
  8. D

    W124 15 hole alloys

    I'm after a set of 4 15 hole alloys for a w124 As per the pic Not really after anything in need of refurbishment and not expecting perfect either I have tyres Thanks a lot
  9. BenC180CGI

    W204 18" Genuine AMG Staggered Alloys with tyres for sale

    Used full set of 18" Alloys and tyres. Tyres like new Few kerb marks Require a little tlc Not bent nor cracked Would like £600 but will accept offers Collection only from Norwich, Norfolk. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. andybond

    [W204] C63 Genuine 19 inch alloys

    Hi All, I have changed the alloys on my car from the OEM 19inch alloys to something different. In doing so I now have 4 staggered genuine c63 alloys for sale. The alloys have been painted metallic anthracite , and I would consider them presentable , but not mint. 3 have slight...
  11. S

    C63 alloys fit C209

    Hi Folks Got a question. Has anyone put on C63 AMG alloys (18'') on a C209? Ive looked at all the info online with regards to offset etc and apparently these wheels will fit (though M14 bolts over M12) yet the offset difference to my current alloys mean they should sit 11mm further out...
  12. S

    Amg c63 - new wheels

    Afternoon Gents, The current black alloys on my AMG C63 are currently peeling all over (and kerbed). I'm looking to getting a new set but not wantin to pay mental prices. I've seen a set on Ebay "X4 19" C63 ALLOY WHEELS BLACK SERIES MERCEDES C CLASS W204 AMG SPORT COUPE 5x112 " for £650. These...
  13. tron

    W202 alloys four, free with tyres.

    Nothing special, fairly tidy, standard W202 ten hole alloys from 1998 S202 Elegance. Two Uniroyals with wear to outer edge, two more in good nick with plenty of tread. Need the space so £0. Buyer collects from Poole.
  14. P

    W124 Alloys

    Looking for some 'period' W124 alloys, with tyres ideally. Let me know what you have...
  15. E

    W209 18" alloys

    As above, not to bothered about condition as i could throw them in for a refurb. Any style will be looked at, no budget as of yet! hit me!
  16. m.b-amg

    New 2017 AMG C43 alloys and tyres

    I'm selling my 2017 full set of 18" AMG alloys only 6 weeks old, with Bridgestone Potenza rubbers all round. Tyre size is front 225/45/18 and rear 245/40/18 No marks wheels are as new. Come with the new design 2017 hub centre caps. Wheels will be removed end of next week. See picture of wheels...
  17. T

    Sl55 amg turbine alloys question

    Hi, I'm looking for some help for a friend of mine, he has just bought an SL55 AMG 2004, he's bought it with some 18"AMG alloys on which are genuine but they are not the turbine alloys, he wants to put turbine's on but he's not sure if the turbine alloys were 18" as standard or 19", hope some of...
  18. CLSMark

    Touching up my alloys. ( not in a pervy way )

    The nice chaps who wash my car for me ( cba doing it myself ) have lifted the paint off with the jet wash, and left me with the primer underneath, not their fault, they were starting to flake anyway. Anyhow, I've bought a touch up from eBay, Its like a nail varnish brush, any tips on...
  19. S

    W211 AMG Alloys

    As per title or any AMG alloys that may fit.
  20. Brabus1408

    New 19" Mandrus Rotec alloys

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd share a few pics of the new wheels I got for my car recently (a Brabus modified C320 CDI). The car itself with its previous (Brabus-derived) wheels: ...the rim on one of which unfortunately became cracked beyond repair, causing a slow puncture. Therefore, as...
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