1. Alps

    Alps 2004 E55 AMG - EVERY Option plus more!

    FORSALE - My cherished E55 - known well on the forum by Indies and members alike apologies for the quality of the pics. Car spec 2004 E55 AMG (805 - facelift 2005 version) 1 prev owner FMBSH All receipts since new inc original purchase reciept. 744 Silver 423 - Automatic Transmission...
  2. Eddy77

    Road Trip Video - CLK 350 in the Alps

    A video from my recent trip to the Alps: Thoroughly recommended. 2,200 miles in seven days. Zero problems with either car (CLK and a 911). Enjoy!
  3. D

    Happy birthday Alps

    Have a good day pal. :thumb:
  4. D

    Happy birthday Alps!

    Happy birthday pal. :thumb:
  5. D

    Happy birthday Alps!

    Hope you have a good day... :thumb:
  6. A

    2000 miles to the Alps and back for a week.

    Hello We decided to have a week off and head to the Alps to show our Children what Annecy is like in winter as we normally go there in summer... I had already organised a set of winter tyres for this trip before we left, last time we were in an ML so a RWD estate with 18" 265 rears I wasn't...
  7. Alps

    Alps E55K AMG mods so far....

    As you cant reply in the gallery i though id post a link here with any comments :) enjoy
  8. Alps

    Alps 2004 E55K

    E55K 2004 Day1 E63 Front End with E63 perf pack AMG Split titanium IV`s rear conversion to facelift inc E63 spoiler
  9. C43AMG

    Alps C36 for sale !

    The time has come. What a shame you have to sell it. I have the same thoughts about the C43. What are getting to replace it ? Anyone who wants a first class C36, Alps is stunning nearly as well looked after as mine :rolleyes: :rolleyes:. All the best with the sale, who ever buys it...
  10. Chattonmill

    Back from the Alps

    Just back from my Hols, a weeks skiing in Les Arcs. Here's a quick video from my head cam, no, not of the Merc, watch from about 2 mins 15 secs for the best bit. The joys of technology! Crash! (Linky!) I also have a GPS tracker, we notched up 64.5 mph on one slope! Lucky that the ANPR boys had...
  11. pammy

    Happy birthday Alps

    Have a super day - enjoy :D
  12. wobbly

    Wobbly's trip to the Alps

    Returning home to Sindelfingen where the SL was built. SL by Mount Blanc. Mrs Wobbly by the lake at Annecy.
  13. wobbly

    Taking the SL to the Alps

    In June,Im planning taking the 500SL to Switzerland, its a country I have never visited. I have booked the ferry crossing Dover to Calais and return crossing a week later. Plan to travel through Belgium,Germany,taking a couple of days to reach Switzerland, visiting the Alps and Lake Geneva...
  14. grober

    Swiss JETS over the Alps

    Found this on another forum.:o Yes they do have an airforce :rolleyes: dont know about a Navy tho.:p
  15. NW_Merc

    Alps' car in miniature
  16. GRAV888

    Happy birthday Alps

    Have a great day mate:rock:
  17. PJH

    Happy Birthday Alps

    Many Congrats etc....
  18. C240Sport97

    Driving to the Swiss Alps (ZERMATT)

    Folks Am thinking of skiing in Zermatt over the New Year holidays. I want to drive there but am nervous about being able to get the car all the way to the resort apartment without snow chains (these are not allowed on my 17" AMGs and I do not have any other wheels). Any...
  19. Brian WH

    Happy Birthday ALPS

    All the Best Mate Have a Good EN :bannana: :rock: :bannana:
  20. BaldGuy

    FAO... Pluggers,Alps,Jimmy,Grav,Simon and Kinky

    Firstly sorry for the group post, I hope you guys don't mind....Ok guys I have you lined up for these bits.... Pluggers - Phone Console Alps - CD Changer / Pump Jimmy - Grill (Paid Thanks) Grav888 - Pump Simon - CD Holder (Paid Thanks) Kinky - Pedals (Will meet up) Pluggers,Alps and...
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