1. O

    Looking for some Rear MB Alshain Alloys

    As the title, looking for a pair of used rear Alshains for my w203 C220 if possible. Must be reasonable to great condition! Would also look at a pair/set that need a refurb Rear alloy wheels: 17x8.5" ET34 with or without tyres. I would be willing to exchange for a pair of fronts Alshains if...
  2. S

    Alshain alloy wheel for sale

    Hi I have a 17" x 71/2" x ET37 geniune merecedes alloy wheel for sale, In need of refurbishment thou. Has been sprayed with aerosols by a previous owner . No dents or buckles only the obligotory scuffs. I am looking for £30 with £15 p&p or collection free. Anyone interested PM.
  3. B

    17" Alshain Alloys

    Hi there - I'm new to thjis and could really do with some help before I part with some cash to buy some alloy wheels. (I have checked the chart from the previous posting but can't make head nor tail of it). Put simply, I have a 2002 (W202 I believe) C22o Cdi Classic. It has the small 15" wheels...
  4. portzy

    Alshain wheels/Michelin Pilots

    Due to a recent mod I have a pair of MB Alshain seven spoke alloys 7.5jx17. They are the type which come with the evolution sports pack on the C Class coupe. They have fitted on each, Michelin Pilot Sports' 225/45 with approx 3000 miles use. Neither of the wheels have been kerbed or potholed but...
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