1. WDB124066

    Why would a car's speed alter its tendency to pull left?

    I've just had an alignment done and was wondering why the car feels like it wants to go left above approx 70 km/h - and the tendency increases the faster you go. What could be causing this [not tires its always the same even when things are swapped around]....!??
  2. bobven

    Is it possible to alter the Odometer ?

    I have seen many recon cars (merc in specific) come with docs. Those bill of lading show 36000km but actual car show 21500km. Is it possible to alter odo like that? would it affect the car performance or life? Techie's advise appreciated.:p
  3. D

    Can anyone alter my car with adobe photoshop?

    I'm thinking of lowering my w204 and powder coating the alloys wheels and was wondering if i stuck a picture up, could any of you guys edit it for me by dropping it around 30mm and changing the colour of the wheels so i can see what it'll look like? Thanks
  4. R

    Number Plate - using a screw + cap to slightly alter?

    My friend... Is thinking of using a screw + cap to very very slightly alter the appearance of her number plate. The number plate is correctly spaced and in the correct font. She would be be placing two screw caps on the number plate, each almost the exact same distance from the edge of the...
  5. pammy

    London gets bigger or Edna has a secret alter ego

    I've just had a letter from Transport for London about the Greater London Low Emission Zone and how it effects diesel-engined lorries, buses, coache, large vans and minibuses. Now the last time I looked Knaresborough was about 200 miles away from Greater London and Edna was petrol powered and...
  6. D

    Unable to alter volume label Drive D

    Hi Guys, Was given a DVD which I loaded, viewed then moved on loaded others played CD's etc. Then I noticed that the volume label for my drive D has been hijacked with the title of the first DVD and I can't amend it! Highlighting on the title and drive lettter then properties I can amend...
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