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    alternater any advice 320cdi 210 model

    HI to every body I had a new alternater fitted about 1000 miles ago with no probs last week on starting up red warning batt/alt checked output with multimeter showing 14.5 amps switced ignition of started again no probs no red light no malefuction this has happend a couple of times would the...
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    alternater probs

    on a recent trip from nottm to cornwall my alternator [e class 320 cdi 210 model] failed and had to be relayed down to a garage near penzance were a new alternator was fitted the totel bill came to (wait for it) was£660.88p was this a fair price or was it a case of the pirates of penzance the...
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    270CDI Alternater Clutch

    I thought that I would post this as I have just cured a fault that has bugged me for a year. The symptoms were a yelp from the fan belt as the engine was switched off, rough noisey idle the belt flapping at idle along its longest free length and belt squeal at idle when useing the steering. I...
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    new alternater cost?

    anyone got any idea what a new alternater would cost...fitted for a e280 '96?...think it may be re mortgage time?..... :eek:
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