1. karozza

    Alternator Pulley

    Anyone replaced Alternator pulley on a W203 with a non original part?
  2. C

    W210 alternator

    Well chaps and chapesses had the joy of swapping the alternator out today due to it doing whatever bad things alternators do to them selves. Easy hour or 2 says I. Car says oh no sir I'm much to specially and have a fancy water cooled jobby that will take hours upon hours of your attention...
  3. S

    W211 020 Alternator Voltage Regulator

    Morning folks, Looking for some guidance. Have a 2007 E280 CDI (190 V6) with 202k on it. Just a little over a week ago, I started, intermittently getting the red battery light coming on. I have bought a replacement voltage regulator (Bosch F00M 346 080) to try before swapping out...
  4. E

    2006 W203 C200 CDI Alternator repair kit

    Looking for a repair kit for my alternator, Mercedes part number 014 154 07 02 This is the model: I could not find any kit that refers to that specific model unfortunately. I found this: HIGH QUALITY MERCEDES BENZ BOSCH ALTERNATOR...
  5. T

    What alternator does my car use?

    which of these does my e320 1994 convertible use? ENGINE - 104992 22 060357 ALTERNATOR Part No : 903GM0310 or ALTERNATOR 90AMP...
  6. F

    C220 alternator

    I have a C220d, W205, Nov 2015. The alternator appears to be running all the time - when the engine is running the voltage at the cigarette lighter socket is 14+ volts, dropping to 12+ when the engine is stopped. I was under the impression that, once over re-charging the battery after a cold...
  7. C

    W210 alternator pulley warning!

    Afternoon all. I have an E320cdi 2002. I've had a squeak from the belt area for around a month. I've ignored it as it only happens at idle, once warm it disappeared all together. The other evening I arrived at work and it sounded like I had an enraged budgey under the bonnet! Looked into it and...
  8. Charles Morgan

    Alternator question

    My BMW M535i has always had issues with batteries - regularly flat and in need of replacement. On one occasion the car was stuck in heavy traffic on the M40 after an accident and it died - the garage decided it was a faulty alternator and changed it. Recently I've been prepping it ready for...
  9. C

    W219- Cls 350 Petrol 2005 - Alternator issue

    Hi guys, Horrible day today. Came back from holidays, was looking to take the car out for a spin but it gave an error of battery/alternator weak. Was on way to the garrage where the car came to standstill. Called AA peeps who informed that Voltage passed on by Alternator is 9 instead of...
  10. J

    W163 Ml 270 Alternator

    I have just started having a few faults with my ML . Namely it beeps at me as soon as you turn ignition on . About 10 to 13 times and the handbrake light is on all the time ...when you try and drive it's in limp mode 2nd and reverse only and you get a constant warning beep until you stop.... now...
  11. S

    LWB Sprinter mixed symptoms. 350 miles away from home. Please help!!

    Hey folks, So, I've a Mercedes Sprinter lwb 2003, 2151cc, 3.5ton. It's a few odd symptoms that don't seem to make sense to me. Bought in Sept / Oct 2016 - Power was low, replaced the glowplugs and had a reconditioned turbo fitted in Dec. New oil & filter. loads of power. Drove 300 miles...
  12. M

    C270cdi alternator pulley

    Hi, i have recently noticed a 'new' noise coming from the engine :) . It sounded like the air filter box or the engine cover beeing loose and vibrating. After i realised that the noise is not related to the plastics, i could see the belt flapping and the tensioner moving. My first instict was...
  13. RyanMuller

    c32 alternator belt part number

    Hello all Currently on a ferry and my alternator has died so running on battery. Anyone know the part number for the alternator belt please? Cant see it online and cant get to the car at the moment to check VIN thanks Ryan
  14. J

    DIY Alternator lead what gauge wires?

    After months of my 230e playing up not charging the battery I have finally found out why I want to repair this myself but need a little advice and a list of things I need? In short it's my alternator lead,the exciter wire has a break in it causing an open circuit it literally makes or...
  15. R

    HELP HELP HELP w219 battery alternator fault

    Hi guys I'm in urgent help of some people who may of had this issue or may even know a solution I have a mercedes cls63 amg with an alternater/ charging fault I have changed the alternator to a brand new one also changed the battery but I'm still having no joy When I first start the car...
  16. J

    w124 Alternator Charge light bypass?

    Is there any way to bypass the alternator charge light just for diagnosis purposes? I found this on Benzworld but it seems a little too simplistic and I wouldn't want to blow anything :eek: Alternator Test Cord for W123s - Mercedes-Benz Forum My battery isn't charging and all the usual...
  17. Tim203

    Battery Alternator warning light on w203

    Hi, this warning comes and goes occasionally on my 220cdi. No apparent charging problems are yet evident though. Has anyone else experience of this. Thanks in advance. Tim.
  18. G

    2009 B180CDi alternator issue?

    Hi guys. My wife was driving home today and the battery warning light came on a few times. Afterwards a message appeared to say the car would shut down within 3 minutes. She pulled over and I came out with a new battery and fitted it. The car started ok but the battery warning light...
  19. D

    A208 - Alternator noise, and replacement headunit

    Hi folks I picked up a 2000-model A208 on the weekend, and the stereo (Audio 10 CD with Bose) is making a hell of a whining noise when the engine is on. Experience suggests that this is probably a duff earth somewhere, so I was wondering if there were any usual suspects to check? If it...
  20. R

    Battery or alternator

    Last night I was out playing taxi for my eldest daughter. The red "battery/alternator" red screen and audible alarm sounds three times. The onboard diagnostic shows 10.5 volts at idle and about 13.5v when moving. When I got home I put the Ctek on and only the first thre lights went on. Left...
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