1. S

    W212 Aluminium Bonnet For Sale.

    I have an aluminium bonnet for sale purchased new from Europarts for £345.00 15 months ago. It's in black primer and still in the cardboard delivery carton. Unmarked and purchased for my own car a W212 E350 CDI Saloon. A change of plans means it is now surplus. I live in North Shropshire and...
  2. GLK

    How to restore matt aluminium trim?

    I wanted a sports gearshift, which only became available about two years after my car was built, so even though it has a factory Sports option, the gearshift is Avantgarde. So I bought one now, but would like to bring the aluminium trim (and leather, but that's easy) to an as new condition...
  3. D

    S212 H76 Aluminium interior door trim

    Hi all, I recently bought a 2013 S212 with the H76 Aluminium interior. I think the previous owner may have had a dog, or quite simply horrible passengers as the left side door trims both have scratches all over. I'd really like to replace them both but I can't track down a part number...
  4. Flyinspanner

    Aluminium corrosion repairs CL500?

    Hi I wonder if any of you have carried out repair work where dissimilar metal corrosion has taken place? I know the CL500 can suffer on the doors and C pillar/wing joint. So how was it tackled? What was done to stop reoccurance? Was/is the repair long lasting? Are there any products...
  5. G

    W209 CLK350 interior tweaks

    I just got a 2006 CLK which is in really good condition, so good that I would like to see about fixing the few minor things I've noticed... 1) Somehow the dimpled aluminium interior trim pieces that run along the driver/passenger door panels have both got several marks on them. Anyone know...
  6. J

    B Class W245 Aluminium Dashboard Trim Kit

    Fitted an Aluminium effect dash trim kit to my 2007 W245. Fits very well, feels a bit like a latex rubber if you've been lucky enough to feel that texture lol. I applied some 3M Primer to aid adhesion and it has all held well and seems secure enough, time will tell. Main Dash Before and...
  7. bob6600

    Aluminium Repair

    Have just found a small crack in the sump pan, probably due to hitting one too many speed bumps with this low car. MB price for the part is circa £280, a couple on ebay range from £100-£130. I wouldn't mind the latter but just checked WIS and it's not a simple bolt on - bolt off. The labour...
  8. Abcan

    S212 aluminium centre console trim

    Hi My recently acquired S212 Sport (on a 62 plate) has a few unsightly scratches on the left hand aluminium trim that curves around the edge of the centre console. There are some on eBay from the face lift models. Are these bits of trim likely to be the same on both the facelift and my...
  9. D

    Clear laquer over aluminium

    I have a 42 year old Japanese motorbike with original clear laquered engine parts. How does it stay on when modern alloy wheels only survive for a few years? Aluminium needs an etch primer to seal it before painting. This cannot be done if the finish is clear.
  10. Charles Morgan

    Tarnished aluminium trim

    My red car has a lot of aluminium trim that was pretty badly tarnished. Using Autosol got rid of much of the tarnish but still pretty flat to look at: By chance I was using Meguiars Ultimate protectant on some of the black finish by the aluminium, and some of it ended up there - I wiped it...
  11. Spinal

    Welding Aluminium (OxyA)

    A quick query... it's been a few years since I've welded, but have always done so with an OxyA torch on steel... To save weight, I'm thinking of making bits out of aluminum and bolting them on. Any suggestions for someone who hasn't welded in a while and never done aluminum? M.
  12. paddingtonfire

    W123 Estate Aluminium Window Trims - Cleaning

    Evening All, Simple question, in the UK are there any products that can clean the anodising from my window trims? If there is, or there is a way to do it that I'm missing, please tell me! Mike
  13. N

    Chsnge aluminium trim for black ash?

    I am replacing my old and much loved E-Class with the current model but the car I am looking at has the honeycomb aluminium trim and I really like the wood trim. Can this be replaced with the black ash trim. Is this costly or difficult to do (for a dealer or body shop, not DIY). Any...
  14. L

    SL 55 / 350 / 500 R230 - Aluminium trim ashtray

    For sale or swap for Carbon fibre ashtray cover? Laurens
  15. 4

    Light damage to aluminium interior trim in W212 AMG Sport

    Hi, The interior of my W212 wagon has stood up well to the ravages of family however, the aluminium trim in the interior is less than perfect. The strip on the driver's door card is looking less than pristine. Does anyone know a reputable re-finisher who could return the car's aluminium trim to...
  16. I

    CLS Aluminium Paddle Shift

    Has anyone retrofitted these to their 55?
  17. donshl

    MTB Disc Frame (Aluminium) Wanted

    Hi, I'm looking for a MTB frame made from aluminium with rear (front) disk brakes. Would be ideal if it comes with rigid light weight forks (disc brakes only). Looking to pay upto £100 for a good quality frame
  18. ironsheik

    Aluminium Dust Caps Will Not Move.. HELP.

    Wanted to check air pressure in tyres, dust caps will not budge, tried pliers and still no luck.. As im using the pliers, the actual rubber valve was twisting as well, so had to stop that as I dont want to damage them.. Any ideas? i dont want to fork out for a set of new tyres...
  19. 300CE

    mercedes sport pedals genuine mercedes pedals sport aluminium pedals w124 w210

    Are these unusual, can't say I've seen many about?!: mercedes sport pedals genuine mercedes pedals sport aluminium pedals w124 w210 | eBay
  20. martyp87

    Aluminium pedals

    So when looking for a Merc I came across a C200K with aluminium pedals fitted to it which looked fantastic. My CLK just has the usual ones and I'm looking to upgrade them. I found this set on eBay but I'm not a fan of the AMG logo - as I don't have an AMG. I suppose a little...
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