1. MikeInWimbledon

    Loading a bike Alustyle holder onto Roof bars.

    OK, I know there's always a knack to these things but.... I find it awkward to load lightweight carbon bikes on Alustyle holders onto MB roof bars on my own (i.e. without someone else lending a hand). Am I missing a trick? They're fine to load with one person taking the weight, and...
  2. B

    Mercedes Alustyle bicycle carriers

    Hi Guys, I've become a bit of a cycling nut over the past year. Been mainly using my wife's VW whenever I need to carry bikes, but would like to be able to use my E-class. I have the opportunity to pick up roofbars and alustyle bike carriers, does anybody have these? Are they any good...
  3. D

    Genuine MB Alu-style Roof Bars C/E Estate

    For Sale: a pair of Alu-Style roof bars (complete with instructions, rubber stripping, allen wrench and keys), bought from MB Southampton in 2010 for my C43 Estate and used ~10 times. Still in good condition. Part No B6 781 2139 The bars are adjustable in width and the instructions indicate...
  4. Bobby Dazzler

    Mercedes Alustyle Bicycle Carrier | Bike Rack for roof bars | Spare Part or Repair

    Listed on eBay: No key: Mercedes Alustyle Bicycle Carrier | Bike Cycle Rack for roof bars | eBay No key and some damage: Mercedes Alustyle Bicycle Carrier | Bike Cycle Rack for roof bars | eBay I'm selling two bike racks for SPARE PARTS or REPAIR as they do NOT come with a key, and one has...
  5. Bobby Dazzler

    Genuine Mercedes Alustyle Roof Bars for E Class Estate S211

    Listed on ebay: Alustyle Roof Bars | Mercedes E Class Estate S211 | Rack Rails like Thule | eBay Genuine Mercedes-Benz "Alustyle" Roof Bars. Suitable for the Mercedes E-Class Estate (S211 model) manufactured between 03/2003 and 10/2009. ** ESTATE MODELS ONLY - not suitable for saloons **...
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