1. cliveyboy8

    Air Ambulances & VAT

    Did you know the Lifeboat service is exempt from VAT on the fuel they use. Air Ambulances are not - they have to pay the VAT on fuel used whilst attending callouts. Without the Yorkshire Air Ambulance I might not be here today. There is currently a petition to make the Government consider...
  2. M


    It was reported this week that ambulance driver Paul Bex, who was delivering a transplant organ, faces a ban and possibly the loss of his job after being caught by a camera on the A1 at 112mph...
  3. JumboBeef

    Ambulances and blue lights

    I have said elsewhere in this forum that I would write a post about emergency driving from an ambulance driver’s point of view. I work for the ambulance service and drive A&E ambulances on an emergency basis every working day. I have been trained to drive under emergency (and normal)...
  4. lynall

    Undercover police cars as ambulances?

    Saw an ambulance (Mondeo estate) pulling over a Corsa last night in Maidstone:eek: Was wondering has anyone else seen this?, the ambulance came up behind the corsa in the outside lane put his lights on the corsa went to move over to let cop past, but mondeo stayed behind corsa until it moved...
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