1. T

    RV'ing---The great American & Canadian Pastime

    But Things get toasty sometimes, especially at this time of the year! Something I suppose for a Sunday view, and a cautionionary for you "varacaners"! And Just like car repair shops not all are so well prepared! Some brigades need training! Some are just volunteers. Take care Tuercas...
  2. T

    What Germans think of American cars

    This is my favourite Yank tank I have one! But i don't do burn outs! TV
  3. R

    American Pie 2

    Just caught the end of this movie on ITV...interesting to see a W215 CL feature in the very last scene of the film. The car was being "rodeo'd"...if you know what I mean!!! :bannana:
  4. Calcifer

    American Express

    I have always been slightly mystified with this brand. Yet, a representative just called to offer their products. Each of them come with an annual fee. So I'm wondering if anyone here uses Amex and how so has it been any better? Perhaps I'm simply not understanding this correctly. :confused:
  5. ash59fifty-uk

    Mustangs, the American C63?

    Look at these clowns ~ ... and some say C63 drivers are bad :devil:
  6. grober

    South American market cars.

    Zero-star safety scores lead to pleas for GM to improve its South American cars | Auto Express You got to admire the General still pawning off these motoring relics on the South Americans-- quote:- "the Chevrolet Sail. A lack of airbags and other key safety requirements like seatbelt...
  7. brucemillar

    American WWII airmen

    In pictures: American airmen in England during World War Two Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  8. Piff

    Water leak in American style fridge freezer

    We have a Samsung fridge/freezer with a chilled water dispenser & ice maker. SWMBO rather cleverly lost a valuable envelope behind the fridge, resulting in me having to pull it out to recover the envelope. Whilst it was out, cleaning seemed a good idea to get rid of 3 years of dust. To do this...
  9. D

    rust free 420 sel american style engine problem

    Mercedes 420sel W126 1987 LHD Project Rust Free Car | eBay
  10. smillion

    Wow, that's not my taste ... American style E320 OMG !!!!

    I just could not resist drawing this everyone's attention. It has to be seen to be believed ...... It's unusual and not to my taste .. Please take the time to have a peek ;) AMERICAN STYLE MERCEDES E320 AUTO BLACK | eBay
  11. Niks

    American Trucks

    Anyone here have an interest in big American trucks? Kind of like the Kenworth W900L or Peterbilt...
  12. BTB 500

    American Express

    OK I have just been given American Express membership, backdated to 1990! I have only ever used Visa and MasterCard in the past, but I am being offered double reward points (permanently) for anything I put through on the Amex card. I thought Amex wasn't that widely accepted in the UK but from...
  13. sinewave

    American Address Translation?

    The ongoing Saga in obtaining replacement caliper seals for my AMG calipers has resulted in me having to order from the good ole USA. Ridiculous as it may seem they will not ship abroad! :mad: Upshot is I've had to register with a third party forwarding carrier who have issued me with a...
  14. developer

    Retrieving the American flag - live on SKY.

    They are starting to demolish the house where the guy fell into the sink hole. First the enormous excavator gently removed the American flag mounted on the roofline of the property, before laying it on the lawn, where the emergency services guys took their hats off, showing respect. Whatever...
  15. Howard

    American numberplates

    Hi all I need to get an American numberplate made , specifically one from California. Lots on Ebay , but they are already stamped with numbers / letters. I need one made to my own spec , any ideas ? Thanks in advance H
  16. Pitts Pilot

    American anti wheel kerbing ‘sticks’?

    OK, I realise that what I’m about to ask is committing an aesthetical crime of the highest order, but I’m about to pick up my 2007 SL350 with its beautiful 19” wheels and I really REALLY don’t want to kerb them! SO, I’ve seen in the USA, probably on custom cars, these rod like bendy sticks...
  17. C240Sport97

    there is something about American muscle cars ..

    a mere £35k OTR, brand new .. 6.2V8, 430hp, manual gearbox, lots of toys. You can even get a sunroof. LHD only though.
  18. Godot

    History of the World for American Kids

    Learn the Facts about the Most Famous World History Events, Including Ancient and Modern History on's World History Resource Page. History of the World Not too bad really, nothing too much in depth, but covers quite a bit :dk:
  19. D

    Maytag American Style Fridge Freezer

    Maytag American Side by Side Fridge Freezer for sale, white. Surplus to requirements. £500 ono, buyer collects (near Guildford, Surrey) or delivery at buyers expense. PM me for further details. DB1
  20. Dieselman

    American football the easy way.
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