1. B

    You guys let Americans in here?!

    Hey everyone :D. Name is Nate and I'm from North Carolina. I'm on my first Benz, a 92 300te that I've had about a year. It's in incredible shape, has a great service history, and I got a great deal on it. I'm hoping to learn quite a bit here, and hopefully get some new contacts for cool parts. I...
  2. P

    Guns dont kill people, Americans do... Discuss

    140 school shootings in the 3 years since Sandyhook. Another one today... Thoughts .......
  3. R

    Some cartoons...

    How The World's Cartoonists Are Making Sense Of The Charlie Hebdo Attack
  4. ioweddie

    Don't argue with the Americans

    One US aircraft carrier has a more powerful air force than 70% of all countries. [VIDEO]
  5. grober

    The Americans

    The Americans ITV 10pm Saturday next. Word is it might be worth a look. problem is it clashes with Arne Dahl on Beeb 4 - thank the lord for PVR's ;) y4D96fPl_hI
  6. G

    Americans and badging

    :confused: *I didn't have a program to blur out the plates so I trust you guys won't do anything shady with them :)
  7. poormansporsche

    Americans .......

    Loving the replies ...... Ford : Mustang Ford : Mustang | eBay Brett :)
  8. crockers

    Americans - like a dog with a bone...

    Had this sent to me ......
  9. M

    Those Americans can make adverts!

    Introducing the all-new (pre-facelift) E-Class.....:D I don't know why, but this ad just stuck in my mind! Great song, too - Cery's Matthews "Time Is On My Side" (remake of the Rolling Stones' song) commissioned purely for the advert, so sadly it's...
  10. M

    You have to admire Americans

    This may have been posted before, but its fun anyway
  11. big x

    Silly Americans

    The lack of knowledge about the World is quite frightening ...... adam
  12. F

    Crazy Americans...

  13. R

    Video of SLR V's E55 AMG...Crazy Americans!

    Video of SLR V's E55 AMG... watch out for those speed cameras!
  14. Limited Edition

    Proof that not all Americans own Pickup Trucks

  15. Guy

    Who says Americans are...

    This post is lifted from C32 Life, Link below. The kid posting is 17 years old :o I lost my C32!!!!!!!! yesterday night, after work i went out to get something to eat, and my friend got this new evoultion lancer thing, and so i decided to see what he can do, so we went on a empty road...
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