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  1. IMD

    Looking for 40 replacement bolts for 2 piece 18 inch AMG split rim wheels

    Hi all, I am in the process of getting my 2 piece AMG Split Rim 18 inch wheels refurbished by Lepsons. (Picture of wheel type attached) Two of the wheels had been painted before I bought them and therefore the bolts were painted over. Lepsons have emailed saying that they have stripped...

    AMG 18" Wheels and Continental Tyres

    18" Amg Alloys with conti tyres front 255 x 40 x 18 about 6mm rear 285 x 35 x 18 2.5 to 3mm these wheels are being sold on ebay for 112.00 each used, front are 8.5 x 18 rear 9.5 x 18 mm Good condition ready to use.
  3. ngenius1

    AMG 18" Type ll Wheels

    For sale in very good original condition, have not had a refurb. There are a few kerb marks, the worst wheel is shown in the photos. They come with as new Continental tyres. Asking £800 for the set or will do a deal with the equivalent wheels for a W129 SL.
  4. N

    down sizing alloys

    Hi All, some advice please if you don't mind, I have a cls with 19 in amg 111 alloys and airmatic suspension, I am feed up with replacing / reparing cracked wheels which I am told are a very common problem, I have just bought a set of 18 inch sl 22 spoke turbine alloys, and I was considering add...
  5. B

    AMG 18" wheels

    I have E350 coupe and have damaged front wheel - I need to buy replacement but £500 inc vat has been quoted for new one by local MB dealer....any cheaper options? Be grateful for any help thank you
  6. jotter22

    AMG 18" 5 spokes?

    Hello, just wanted to know how to get hold of the colour code for my wheels as they could do with a touch up? thanks Tony.
  7. J

    amg 18" staggered or not..!!!

    Right guys i have a set of 18" and wheels I'm getting refurbed and going to get some new tyres. At the moment the wheels are stamped as 8J x 18H2 ET31 front fitted with 225/40/18 Rear fitted with 235/40 18 firstly how do i know if the wheels are so called staggered or not and do you...
  8. diesel demon

    Amg 18" alloy referb

    Can anyone recommend an alloy wheel refurbisher in the Herts area who can referb the 18" AMG polished alloy wheels?
  9. X

    AMG 18" wheels and tyres

    I have a set of AMG 18" wheels and tyres from my CLK500 for sale. Asking £675 or offers on ebay. If anyone is interested in making me an offer through this forum please feel free to do so.
  10. tpwuk

    AMG 18" Wheels - seem cheap? Ending soon.

    Mercedes AMG Wheels on eBay (end time 24-Oct-10 18:15:58 BST) Naff advert mind.
  11. G

    AMG 18" x8.5

    Would 18" x 8.5" AMG Part no. B66030082 ET 38fit ok on the latest E class w212 model? Thanks
  12. altreed

    AMG 18" wheels on a w202

    Hi, I dont have a Merc part code decoder, and I could not search an answer on the forum. Will wheels A2094011602 front, A2094011702, rears fit a W202 c36? cheers Dave
  13. WLeg

    Amg 18"

    Found on Ebay. They seem a bit cheap to me.... Also will I need to change anything on my C250TD (speedo) should I get them ?
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