1. wallingd

    Fifth Gear: SLK v SL AMGs

    Who saw it? What do we think? Lol @ Vicki ( :bannana: ) being scared by the rollbar ;). Amazing stuff...
  2. silverclk230

    17" AMGs Wanted

    Please can anyone help. Looking to buy s/h set of 5 spoke/star OEM 17" AMG alloys, 7.5" fronts & 8.5" rears, preferably with tyres. Does anyone have a set, or know where there is a set for sale. For my 99 clk. Thanks guys, Dave
  3. philsy2k

    18" AMGs

    Hello all, this question is mainly aimed at alps because he has a similar set up, i just want to know if your wheels rub on the plastic inner wheel arches because mine do, they rub on the front wheel arches (when turning) near where the cold air feed is for the brakes and on the back (when going...
  4. Kinky

    10 UK spec SL55 AMGs for sale

    Just an FYI - From Pistonheads Unfortunately one of my close freinds Company's is going into liquidation and they are selling off their Directors cars and have 10 SL55 AMG, UK spec cars.
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