1. Abdul

    W211 2008 command amp upgrade

    Hi folks Just bought a nice E320 Cdi 2008 model with command but not HK. I'd like to keep the factory headunit for now at least and add an amp and aftermarket speakers and subwoofer. Can anyone advise If the command is powering the standard speakers or if there's an amp in the boot I...
  2. V

    R129 Stereo Amp location standard unit

    EDIT Found it - Under rear seat - Under the carpet !
  3. brucemillar

    Extending a 13 amp mains lead.

    People In my garage I have a 50ltr - JCB Electric Compressor - 13 amp. The mains lead is about 1.5 meters long, or 1.5 meter shorter than it needs to be, to avoid me continually using an extension lead. Extension leads are designed to be tripped over when using the angel grinder. Not funny...
  4. 3

    cl55 w215 boss amp help needed

    hi guys when i purchased the car i found i wasn't getting any sound so i got myself a fibre optic loop and traced the problem back to the amp, now i've noticed they can get a bit pricey on ebay but ive managed to find one at a reasonable price out of a 2001 clk that looks identical but has a...
  5. Flyinspanner

    Bose Amp Repairer?

    Hi y'all The Bose amp on my W215 CL500 appears to have failed It blew the fuse in the rear fuse box, though it's own internal fuse was fine. There is a dead short from the power line in terminal to the earth terminal. I'm assuming it's the 12v in step down to the pcb board supply, so...
  6. bconnelly

    Amp activation - Android install.

    I have replaced my NTG1 head unit with an Android 5.1 system. I also bought the MOST fibre optic adaptor to avoid the need for a new 6M loom to the boot and use the factory Becker AGW. I've connected everything up as instructed but not getting any audio. Can anyone tell me if the AGW requires a...
  7. C

    2003 clk 240 w209 - amp power feed

    Hi. Can anyone direct me in the best method to run a power cable from the battery through the bulkhead? I removed the battery but couldn't see any obvious path. Thanks
  8. poormansporsche

    Electric Gurus - Relay needed to shut of Amp ????

    I have a Head unit with built in bluetooth and is rubbish so I have a parrot fitted - which works fine but the head unit has no "mute" wire. The Parrot stops the sound to my speakers when I receive a call but does not stop the sound to my subs as they go direct by the rca leads. So what I want...
  9. R


    Can anyone help? I recently had the engine management light appear on my dashboard and the van went into limp mode. The garage carried out a diagnostic check with the star software and told me a 10 amp fuse had blown. They replaced the fuse and reset the system, however after 24 hours the...
  10. M

    new e class amp line media player problem

    Hi can someone help me. My boss has just purchased a new e class amp line. This is used as his taxi business and so he needs the media player to play movies during quiet times. Now I have tried a new SanDisk 128 go usb stick with movies and music on it but the problem is the car keeps saying...
  11. Mrhanky

    CTEK Bumper / Cover suitable for 3.6 - 5 amp models

    Recently purchased a whole load of CTEK extras including this bumper / protective cover. However, purchased it for MX7 which it does not fit. If you have a 3.6m - 5amp model it will fit fine.
  12. T

    Amp & Speakers

    Hi, i have an Alpine sat nav and a Amplifier with two speakers on the rear shelf. I have thought about changing the Alpine head unit for another head unit, ie, Pioneer, Kenwood etc, would the Alpine amp. and speakers be compatible with another make of head. unit
  13. ricko

    Audio amp

    Hi,does anyone know where the amp is on cl500 216, got intermittent radio and cd ,just hoping it's a loose connection ,thanks
  14. poormansporsche

    12V 15 amp Neg earth in the Workshop ?????

    alright good peoples, Im building a custom loom for my electric, heated, ortho seats and need to create a power supply to test before I fit to the car. If I use a car battery for the 12V supply can i connect the earth wires of the loom to the negative terminal of the battery ?? I was...
  15. S

    W211 Audio 20 fuse - 10amp or 15 amp?

    Hi All Was just wondering if anyone knew what amp the fuse is that drives the head unit on a W211 (2008 model), its a basic Audio 20. I've tried to open the fusebox but appears to be stuck, was afraid of breaking a clip so was trying to avoid opening if anyone knows the info, doesnt appear to...
  16. T

    Viano w639 antenna and antenna amp

    Hello, I am a noobie here and to mercs. I recently bought my first merc, a 2006 Viano after having BMW for a while. I have a problem - very bad radio reception. The vehicle has a Comand NTG2, with cd changer etc. Does this model use the windscreen as an antenna as I have seen on some...
  17. S

    Anyone used a Alpine KTP-445 Amp?

    Hi Guys Was just wondering if anyone has any experience of using the Alpine KTP-445 amp, looking at getting a new Alpine double din head unit for my W211, getting a sub with built in amp and wanted to also amp the speakers, want to avoid the associated labour cost of adding an amp so the above...
  18. pstock

    UK supplier ? and plugs (NOT 5 or 13 Amp )

    I am looking to do a full service on my 2001 CL500 including the spark plugs, 2 questions :o What spark plugs are generally recommended ? Is there a UK supplier for one of these ? (see below) ps i have the 5 litre M113 engine Any help would be greatly...
  19. kap02

    w204 (C class, 2010) custom subwoofer box, sub woofer and amp

    Custom Subwoofer box, subwoofer and amplifier for sale: Box: Custom made (cost £110) Subwoofer (W0v3 - JL Audio) and Amp (JBL GTO) new: (cost: £120) Great condition, all work order and sounds superb with the standard head unit. Ideal for quality upgrades OEM sound. I will also throw in the...
  20. S

    W211 08 AG with Audio 20 - Amp + sub recommendations :)

    Hi All Been reading thru the forums and have come across a few older posts by gIzzE who recommends a Amp to improve the sound quality. My question was which is the best amp and subwoofer combination to go for,? i'm not up to speed on the latest car Audio so hoping to narrow down a model for...
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