1. F

    w203 2008 coupe antenna amplifier

    Guys, After following all the advice and the instructions here I have an issue with the amplifier. How can it be replaced? Does the rear windscreen need to come off or not? Can windscreen replacement people fix it or shall I take it to the garage? Your help is appreciated.
  2. B

    Loss of there a signal amplifier W203?

    Hi, My wife's C270 CDi (W203) has developed a problem with MW reception, there is none!!...FM still seems fine but we cannot tune MW (I am an avid radio 5 listener so very frustrating). Its not a local signal issue as our W164 ML is fine. Is there a signal amplifier built in that might be...
  3. Z

    R230 SL55 central locking radio receiver amplifier

    Hi I've just got myself a SL55. One small problem is that the key only locks and unlocks the car when it is close to the handles using IR. MBS Southampton have said that the key is transmitting radio but the receiver amplifier on the car needs changing. Any idea where that is and the part...
  4. J

    Mercedes iPod interface amplifier A204 870 3994

    Mercedes iPod interface amplifier part number A204 870 3994. Used for a short while but no longer needed. Works perfectly. I used this in my w211 that had an iPod interface fitted in glovebox. The iPod sounded quieter than other sources and this amplifier boosts sound level inline with no...
  5. N

    How to get power to my aerial amplifier

    I have a 2006 ML320CDi with an Audio 20 head unit and CD changer. No bluetooth or aux input. On the back it has two coax connectors for the aerial(s) one black and one mustard yellow colour. I've fitted a replacement head unit from Kenwood which obviously has a standard aerial connector and I...
  6. W

    R230, Wiring an After-Market Amplifier into the BOSE Speakers

    Hi, I had asked this question in a slightly different context before, but sadly received no replies. Worth another shot perhaps ... I am fitting an after market head unit into my 2005 SL350 and also replacing the BOSE Amp with a 5-Channel JL HD900/5 Amp. I have received some (limited) advice...
  7. F

    C63 AMG - Boot Carpet & Amplifier Location

    Hi All, I recently took collection of my car with the upgraded harmon kardon sound system, I was looking to add a simple JL Audio W3V3 into the equation for a bit more bass. I have done nearly all the research and purchased all the kit as follows. JL Audio HO110-W3V3 (Currently run an...
  8. H

    CLK amplifier wiring problems

    Hello, I'm in the process of throwing in a sub and a amp into my 2003 clk, however I can't find a 12v source for my remote wire Any help?
  9. W

    R230 BOSE Amplifier Wiring Code - Amplifier Replacement

    2005 R230 - Wiring Diagram or Wiring Code for BOSE Amplifier Replacement Hi, I am starting a project on my 2005 SL350 (R230) to replace the BOSE Amplifier plus Head Unit where I would like to receive advice from other members (who may have done such a job in the past) concerning wiring...
  10. P

    Question about Bose amplifier in W203

    Hello fellas. I have Mercedes W203 facelift with normal audio. I find Bose speaker /front, rear and subwoofer/. I mount the speaker without subwoofer because i not have a amplifier. But those days i find the amplifier but its from W202 and my question is, can you use this amplifier with my W203...
  11. M

    W203 Poor radio reception (aerial amplifier?)

    Hi, I have been reading through various posts on this topic. The remote central locking operates perfectly well, even at a distance. Fuse no.8 in the boot is intact, however the radio reception is extremely sketchy. At £300 :fail for a replacement, after checking Santa Claus wasn't stood...
  12. A

    Rear Screen Amplifier

    :( I recently took my 2006 C220 Coupe into a Soapy Joe's Car wash and they managed to spray water on the inside of the rear tailgate. The consequence was that the RF central locking and the car radio no longer operate. I took the car to Mercedes and they said the Rear Screen Amplifier was...
  13. J

    W220 audio upgrades oem comand 2.5 aftermarket amplifier and speakers how to do it?

    Hi all Does any one know how to upgrade my beast? I have comand 2.5 some basic speakers and subwoofer but no amplifier. What i would like to do: I would like to replace speakers on to different ones and this funny small subwoofer I want to add amplifier aftermarket one, but everything...
  14. T

    b-class aeriel amplifier?

    Hi all, i have a 59 plate b180cdi se, with the audio 20, i have lost radio reception, been told likely to be antenna amp, can anybody tell me where this is positioned in car? and any tests that could clarify? Many thanks in anticipation
  15. J

    Head Units Compatible with R129 Becker (under rear seat) Amplifier

    Dear all I'm a newbie SL500 r129 1998 owner and have quick question. My car has the becker mercedes branded 'Special' Radio Cassette with boot mounted CD multi changer linked thru to the Becker Mid / Woofer Amp under the rear seats. Are there any other head units available which are more...
  16. Q

    IR working but no RF. Antenna amplifier problem?

    I'm having a problem where the fob to open the car seems to have very poor range. I need to point it directly into the car. This would indicate the IR is working but not the RF. (I have a smart key that allows RF and IR control). I located the antenna amp. It seems to be getting 12v...
  17. nb_racing

    230 SL Bose amplifier

    I have a Bose Amplifier for sale from a 230 SL Looking for offers around £500. Message me for details. Nick.
  18. L

    W126 500 sel, ignition amplifier

    I am looking for an ignition amplifier. The part numbers are as follows Bosch 0227400706 Mercedes 0075450732 These seem to be quite rare so if anyone knows of one please let me know
  19. MicB

    Bose Amplifier and associated parts ex early R230

    Bose Amplifier......230 820 01 89 6 CD changer A 203 820 90 89 MC 3010 Tele Atlas CDs DX United Kingdom and Ireland.....2004/2005, 2005, 2007/2008 Major Roads of Western Europe......2004/2005 France.....2005 Germany.....2006 Italy.....2006 Czech and Poland combined.....2005/2006 Also the...
  20. K

    W209 Clk command question

    hi i have a 2008 CLK with command, and i would like to add my old setup from my W208 ( sub and amp not the headunit) to this car as im being driven mad by my dad who i have given the W208 to (and he got it forfree youd think he wont mind me keeping the sub in there for a bit although its a 15"...
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