1. A

    Cruise Control Amplifiers

    Cruise Control Amplifier, 005 545 0532, ( VDO Number 412 212/1/1). Proved to work with resistor plug 007 545 12 32 ( not included) today. Tested in my W124 but fits a multitude of models (W126, W202, Vito,etc). £50 posted. Cruise control Amplifier, 016 545 7732, (VDO Number 412 212/001/006)...
  2. mercmush

    Audison amplifiers, any good ?

    I have recently bought a 560 SEL and in the boot are the remnants of a £2500 ICE set up done by Sextons about 9 years ago. To be specific all that is left are a pair of Audison amps LRX4.300 and LRX2.250. Does anyone have any experience of running these ? Are they reliable, is the sound any...
  3. portzy

    2 amplifiers or 4 ?

    Hello, just a quick question for those in the know. I also have a VW Polo (MY 04) that came with what is called a VW "Beta" branded radio cassette. It supplies, I believe, two main speakers and two tweeters all in the front door and door pillar i.e. no fader. I would like to upgrade the unit to...
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