1. D

    W210 CDI E320 Alternator -Full Load Amps ?

    Does anyone know the full load drawn from my alternator if all electricals are drawing current and the capacity of the current cable from alternator routed through what ever systems to the battery. I see a 200 amp fuse which suggests its ~190 amp capacity ? I've seen 190 amp alternators on...
  2. W

    Wanted - car audio amps, crossovers etc

    Hi, I am looking for some amps, crossovers etc for a build I want to do in my Range Rover. Let me know what you have. Quality brands only and in full working order please. Thanks!
  3. R

    Focal solution 25a1 10" subwoofer with built in amps

    I have for sale my 10" focal 25a1 subwoofer with two built in amps, one amp for the sub woofer and one amp for speakers. It is a brilliant all in one solution and sounds really nice if you know your ice you know focal is one of the top brands. For more info and specs check out this link...
  4. M

    C220 Charging Amps

    My C220 quit charging. I replaced the voltage regulator on the alternator with an OEM Bosch which marked 14V on it. After installation, the alternator worked, I put the multi-tester probes on battery terminals and found that the charging was pretty stable, the cut out was 13.2V-DC. Is this...
  5. eggzy43

    new battery

    just got a new battery, the old one was old and past it. got a proper spec one which is 90aH, the old one was 72aH now its starts much faster and better, trouble is its a bit too wide to sit in the tray, so ill remove the tray and cut the side lip\s off it soon, one day, eventually.:o
  6. reflexboy

    Subwoofer, Amps and Speakers

    A bundle of car stereo gear removed from my C Class now on Ebay, with no reserve and starting at £30!! Kenwood 12" Subwoofer, 3 Kenwood amps+Pioneer Speakers on eBay (end time 04-Oct-10 21:38:38 BST)
  7. reflexboy

    Subwoofer, Amps and speakers

    A bundle of car stereo gear removed from my C Class now on Ebay: Kenwood 12" Subwoofer, 3 Kenwood amps+Pioneer Speakers on eBay (end time 04-Oct-10 21:38:38 BST)
  8. reflexboy

    Sub woofer, 2 Kenwood AMPs and Pioneers speakers

    Guys Selling my stereo gear. Link to Gumtree advert: Two Kenwood Amps,Kenwood Sub+Box, and pair of 3-Way Pioneers-To clear In-Car Audio & GPS for Sale Chessington London Two Kenwood KAC-606 amps, each one is 2x100W max, variable input,bridgeable,low pass filter-one near perfect, one has...
  9. ngenius1

    Phoenix Gold amps for sale

    I have for sale 2 of my amps which i wont be using in my install. Both are in perfect working order and in good condition. PG ZPA 0.5 £300 4ohm stereo @ 12/13.8 VDC 150/300 WRMS x 2 2ohm stereo @ 13.8 VDC 500 WRMS x 2 4 or 1ohm bridged @ 13.8 VDC 1000 WRMS x 1 PG T 600.2 £180 RMS Power: 150W x...
  10. bennesspipers

    Help ! Amps v Watts

    Which is the most powerfull, 500ma or 1.8 watts ? :dk: I'm looking to buy a trickle charger, & trying to make my mind up whether a solar panel one will do the job, as a mains cable continuosly plugged in would be a nuisance. :mad:
  11. A

    ML 163 command fitting and adding amps etc

    Hello I am planning on installing some of my old Rockford Fosgate audio equipment into my ML, on doing this I thought I might as well change the headunit (currently Audio 10). I have looked at aftermarket units such as the pioneer double din unit with built in GPS but the command unit at...
  12. gurpz

    Complete Alpine System (Head Unit, Speakers, Amps, Sub)

    Found this COMPLETE Alpine system for a bargain price Anyone looking for a complete system will not be disapointed as this system will pump. The...
  13. Thmsshaun

    Alternator AMPS

    Anyone know what ampage the alternator kicks out on a C43 when on tickover. Or what the maximum amp delivery is? Thanks
  14. T

    Fitting Amps to W208 CLK

    Newbie alert :) I have recently bought a 1999 W208 CLK. So far been extremely impressed with the car, apart from the stereo which is appauling. So the plan over the weekend is to fit some component speakers and a couple of amps to the car. Has anyone run RCA leads through a CLK...
  15. Iyse

    Blummin Amps

    I noticed my bass wasn't working today, so I checked the amp, and no light wa coming on. Checked all fuses, remote wire etc. No problems. Took it to halfords and told them I had it fitted at a halfords elsewhere (lie). The guy looked at it, tested everything, and told me it was most definitely...
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