1. J

    w211 e55 amy low bhp dyno results

    I recently had a cat delete and c63 back boxes fitted to my car i also run a 172mm crank pulley with belt wrap kit and eurocharged map. My dyno results came back as 455bhp at the engine this can't be right can it?
  2. G

    Cls63 w219 18" Amg alloys

    I have a set of genuine cls63 alloys for sale with conti tyres Five spoke grey finish with diamond cut edges etc All wheels have slight corrosion round the centre cap area, no kerbing and have never been refurbished , had only done around 12000 miles before they where removed , still have...
  3. acej

    Amg gts

    Review to come
  4. B

    Nice Brabus C32 amy on ebay

    STUNNING BRABUS TUNED C32AMG 420BHP 2003 PRICE REDUCED £1000S OFF | eBay item number 320874747112 What do think of this beast?
  5. rf065

    Amy Winehouse

    Overdose! Just been confirmed she is no longer with us. Russ
  6. grober

    Amy Williams wins gold for GB

    Well done Amy. Picture captures the moment quite well I think.
  7. vijilants

    Did anybody watch the Amy Winehouse performance at Glastonbury ??? What an mess !!!

    Did anybody watch the Amy Winehouse performances over the last couple of days ? The first was at the Nelson Mandella concert. Whoever got her to sing the lead on the last song must have been out of his mind. Her performance was totally rubbish and to be honest she did not deserve that part of...
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