1. ors

    w203 c class angel eyes

    I have a pair of c class w203 angel eye head lights in good condition came of 2002 c32 amg OFFERS collection romford essex telephone 07814815077.
  2. Meldrew2

    Road Angel

    Has anyone any experience - good or bad - with the Road Angel Gem+ ? NOT that I am looking to break the speed limit with impunity, but I find that I am travelling more and more on roads that I am less familiar with, and I would very much prefer to avoid coming foul of a ticket. I believe...
  3. L

    Polish angel or Quartz any good?

    Picking up my new car in a couple of weeks and was going to get it detailed and a glass coat put on any recommendations to what I should get done?Looked at polish angel and quartz so far.Looking to spend around £500 for the work and a 3 year protection.Car is an A45 AMG in mountain grey.Cheers.
  4. nickjonesn4

    Road Angel or similar

    Hi All Has anyone used Road Angel and does it offer any real advantages over having TomTom with the speed camera locations? Has anyone used the Snooper iRadar as an alternative? Would love to get something that dooes speed camera database and radar/laser detection combined. Any input...
  5. K

    Removing a Road Angel mount from leather dash

    As above- One of the gotchas on a E300 I bought. It's not a suction mount as the seller claimed but is a leather dash. Any wisdom about how I remove it without leaving a scar - of even whether I can remove it without leaving a scar. Google suggests veg oil in a dam to contain the...
  6. Gazzdid

    Road angel

    Hi all What is the general consensus on the road angel gps/laser detectors?? Do they work? Does police kit still use laser? Surely they have developed their kit to counter these things by now? Thinking of getting one but wondering if its a waste of money? And yes i am aware the best thing is...
  7. K

    W211 320 CDi Angel Tuning Remap

    I thought I read on here about a group of you having a remap from Angel tuning on your 320 CDi's. But I can't find it. Anyway, has anyone had an Angel tuning remap on their 320 CDi's and would you care to share the results please? I have a 2004 Estate and the remap shows an increase of bhp...
  8. V

    Angel Tuning My Mercedes C220 CDI - Need another car to partner up with!

    Hi guys, Decided to up the pace a little on my 2006 C220 CDI '143' and want to hand it to Angel Tuning in Banbury for their remap - the cost works out at £275.00 or so for 1 car, but this drops to £200.00 per car assuming 2 are booked in at the same time. If any of you guys are...
  9. jacksona

    Angel Tuning group discount?

    Hi all, I'm picking up my CLK 220 CDi in 3-4 weeks & will be getting an Angel Tuning remap. Anybody in Kent, or surrounds, want to get a remap at the same time, to bring the price down to £200 each? Let me know! Thanks, AJ.
  10. I

    MB Virgin!

    Hi there, I recently picked up my 2007 CLK 220 CDI Sport from a main dealer. I love the look and toys in the MB, but am less than impressed with the MPG. Hopefully your friends and Angel Tuning might be able to help there.. just working out if I need to tell my insurer. Anyways, as a former...
  11. jumperjohn

    Angel Tuning

    I am wondering whether anyone has used Angel tuning before, I have searched and it seems a few have, however I'm looking for people who have had their CL500 etc remapped by them. I received this email from them the other day: Thank you for your enquiry regarding the upgrades Angel Tuning...
  12. cplnoonoo

    Angel Tuning remap in East Scotland - quick arrangement within 2 weeks

    I have another deal from Paul at Angel Tuning Scotland to get a few cars done for £200 each. We are looking at getting it done within the next 2 weeks so if anybody wants in you need to let me know asap as im not hanging about for a few months like i did with my old car waiting on everybody...
  13. T

    Road Angel Compact for sale

    Hi Peeps seasons greetings etc. I have a Road Angel Compact for sale with all the bits (screen mount power lead ) it is in perfect working order and is ideal for those with older command as it alerts you to speed cameras average speed areas blackspots congestion zones and other hazards. I want...
  14. cooks

    little angel

    Sign here Son...
  15. Harrythedog

    Angel Tuning

    I've just recieved an email from Angel Tuning where they are offering a £100 voucher towards the cost of a remap for the price of £25 if antone is interested. Seems a good deal to me
  16. S

    Road Angel Professional connected

    For sale. Brand new, unopened. £150 ONO
  17. S

    Road Angel professional connected

    For sale. Brand new, boxed unused. Won as a prize in evo magazine. I have a tom tom with cameras on it which is fine for me, this is a more sophisticated device and worth £250 RRP. Sensible offers, nothing below £175 will be entertained. Steve
  18. M

    Road Angel are a joke

    7 Months ago i purchased a Road Angel Speed camera detector. Anyway the free subscription ran out after 6 months. Straight away i was told by the Road Angel device and by email that the subscription had ran out and i could not update the device with the latest speed camera spots (Road Angel...
  19. S

    Recommended alternatives to Angel or Celtic Tuning ?

    Planning an ECU remap for my 320CDi. Wondered whether anyone could recommend alternatives in the North West of England Thanks Steve
  20. mercedescl500

    Mercedes ANGEL eye lights

    Never seen these before, Mercedes angel eye light conversion ! :confused: Angel Eyes & AMG Grille:- Mercedes W203 on eBay (end time 27-Oct-10 21:37:36 BST)
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