1. C

    W204 2013 C Class Seat cushion angle adjustment

    The passenger side wheel adjuster works well but the car I've just bought the drivers seems to be either really tight or stuck/broken? any suggestions only bought it Friday :(
  2. T

    ESP after Steering Angle Senser move. Can i Recalibrate with MB Stat C4

    First PLEASE read this. it seems long because i have put all the information anyone should need so that we dont have to go back and forth too many times: ESP problem Need to Calibrate with Star 4?: Is anyone VERY familiar with setting up Steering Angle Sensors? I have a 203.046 (C180...
  3. B

    2004 W203 Issues after replacing combination switch (amateur hour)

    A bit of background.... I took my car in for an MOT a few weeks backs (w203 - 2004 plate), knowing that the wiper switches on the stalk had broken and that it would need a replacement stalk, the workshop suggested given that it's done 160k to test it to fail and fix what fails, miraculously the...
  4. brucemillar

    124 Steering Angle Sensor Question

    Folks I am trying to narrow down some niggles on my 300TE 4-Matic. The car pre-dates STAR. One of the inputs for the 4-Matic is the Steering Angle Sensor. Were this to be faulty? Would I expect to get a "blink code" ? Also would I expect to see any problems with the steering/handling? I...
  5. MancMike

    B-Class seat angle adjustment?

    Hi, My red C is in the body shop for it's respray. :bannana: I've got a 15 plate B as a courtesy car. I can't find how you adjust the seat angle. I've found the lever to lift and lower, and adjust base angle, but not the seat back. Anyone know where it is? Thanks.
  6. zenman63

    re setting steering angle sensor

    As above is it easy to reset after geometry is done. I have esp fault and on star no faults, I can clear it but none present but still has esp visit workshop. Quick test shows steering an so sensor so I guess it needs re calibrating. I had a quick look and it looks like I need to go through a...
  7. J

    Steering Angle Sensor

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the part number I need? Mines a 2005 (55) E320 CDi Estate Sport with the V6. Everyone I ask on Fleabay doesn't know.... Thanks Jon
  8. E

    2007 W203 C200 steering angle sensor part number

    Hi All, First post ever :thumb: searched before I post, could not find the answer :rolleyes: I recently purchased a W203 2007 C200 Diesel Ex-Taxi and i'm loving it. It's got a bum steering angle sensor though, which I'd like to purchase independently. I'm not a big DIY guy so taking the SAS...
  9. O

    Steering wheel angle sensor...Where is it?

    Hi all, I need a steering wheel angle sensor replacement... Now where is it located behing the sterring wheel? How can I access it? What is the part number? Anyone has one for sale? S210 E300TD 1998 with electric tilting steering wheel. Beers to all :rock:
  10. P

    Steering angle sensor

    Can anyone tell me how I change the steering angle sensor on a 2002 ML270cdi.
  11. C

    Steering angle sensor replacement

    Hi, My steering angle sensor is faulty, diagnosed by STAR, i want to buy replacement part but I dont know which one? Car is w221 2008 s320. Do I need the steering angle sensor or squib? I think the squid is the slip ring part is this correct.?
  12. C

    Part number for an Sterring angle sensor c220 cdi 2005 model

    Hi all im wondering if someone can seriously help me, im looking for a steering angle sensor for a c220 cdi sports coupe 2005 model, theres 3 part numbers on it, none correspond with the right one, tried various companies etc, but all blag me off, dont want to go to merc themselves as had lots...
  13. J

    steering angle sensor

    How do you reset the steering angle sensor I have had the steering wheel off to replace the indicator stalk and now have a steering angle sensor error? Thank you
  14. guydewdney

    narrow angle reversing camera?

    anyone help me? I need a narrow angle reversing camera, or indeed a normal type camera, but a reversing / mirroring box for composite or vga signal. I have five lcd screens in my camper-truck as 'mirrors', but the camera angle is far too wide, resulting in too little information in the...
  15. pierpp

    steering angle sensor

    Edit Album Steering Angle Sensor Hi I have a 2010 E coupe CDi (W212) yesterday while driving a few warnings appeared...No cruise control, no speed limiter, no ESP, and oddly, No full beam assist....the ESP yellow triangle was showing for the remainder of my 60 mile journey but the car drove...
  16. C

    C43 AMG Steering Angle Sensor!

    Needed an MOT after the C43 (1998) had been left standing for a while, the local garage failed it because they could'nt get the dash lights off, when they use the Solus to diagnose the issue they get the dreaded Steering Angle Sensor faulty, so they reset it using the lock to lock method and...
  17. didi w203

    Steering angle sensor or speed sensor?

    As above and would this come up as a fault if the tracking is out? I had my car on a snap on solus and a launch today and it picked up on the steering angle sensor. Esp error was on, not yellow light, just in the display.. reset everything and no go. Did a lock to lock still no go. Started the...
  18. C

    Steering Angle Sensor Reset

    My W221 S class has had some work done during an annual service at an authorised dealership. well it now handles terribly, and has a noticable drift to the left on even the most level surfaces. They have had the car for the last four weeks and just tell me that everything is "within Tolerance"...
  19. jonk

    Front wheel angle?

    Hi, I noticed this yesterday. I have a facelift c220 estate and whilst parked with the wheels at full right lock, the wheel angle made me think something was wrong! Have a look at the attached photo. Is this normal?! Something to do with amg sports steering / suspension? It just looks wrong to...
  20. mark_le_b

    Angle Sensor part number A0015423918 (for W210)

    Hi Need an steering angle sensor for my W210 E55 part number A0015423918 if anybody has a new/very good used one available?? If not will resort to e-bay. Thanks Mark.
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