1. John Jones Jr

    Anglia Car Auctions 4th April

    Saturday 4th April 2015 - Anglia Car Auctions
  2. A

    LSD East Anglia

    Hi. I'm based in Suffolk and keen to have a Quaife LSD fitted on my C63 Can anyone suggest a reputable garage that could undertake that in the East Anglia area please? Many thanks. Bob
  3. A

    Suffolk / East Anglia - Highly recommended

    I recently needed to have some suspension work done on the E Class, and for the first time in this cars history elected to use an independent instead of an MB dealer. So I called Alex Crow - a Mercedes-Benz specialist based in Stowmarket, Suffolk - and he managed to slot me in within a few...
  4. M

    Cambridge/East Anglia GTG - Sunday 13th April 6pm - Belfry Hotel Cambourne

    alright guys i see there are a few on here from cambridgeshire we should get together for a beer whilst the weather is nice:cool: who's in.... 1. mabz
  5. M

    Anyone in East Anglia wish to join an Informal Gathering THIS Saturday (20th)

    As some of you may know, I'm the organiser for the East Anglia region of This Saturday one of friends is setting up a show at the Elvedon Estate near Thetford. The main theme is simply a gathering and social event, rather than a proper "full on show". It will run THIS...
  6. bigyin1

    Meet in the East Midlands/West Anglia

    I'm based in Daventry, close to the edges of 4 counties (northamptonshire/buckinghamshire/warwichshire/leicestershire) and as such not really in the middle of any area! Anyone else based around here or close enough to be interested in a meeting every-so-often?
  7. M

    East Anglia GTG?

    East Anglia GTG 19th March Anyone interested in a GTG in or around Norfolk & Suffolk area's around the month of March? :bannana: If interested parties numbers are sufficient, I will look into a good venue for the GTG. :bannana: Regards Mark
  8. Rich

    East Anglia

    I can recommend Derick Wells of Badley, near Needham Market in Suffolk (01449-774222). The building looks like a Qwik-fit facility and it doubles as a tyre depot too. Ray the chief mechanic is Mercedes trained and pretty much knows what he's doing. Did a major service on my (then) four...
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