1. Gollom

    Announcing the arrival of a W208

    The wonderful Mr Walker helped me "steal" (his words) a rather splendid looking W208 CLK230 tonight. 1999 2000 with a private plate, brand new MOT and taxed till Feb 2011. Standard AvantGarde spec. Normal competition - how much you reckon I got it for? This forum is full of such helpful...
  2. Gollom

    Announcing new arrival - W124 300-24v

    Guess what I have just bought! For the use of my good lady who has finally seen the error of her ways and will move from the Fiat Brava she currently has (does the job - but yawn!!) K-reg (1993) in almandine red with mushroom leather Ian Walker was good enough to come and help me with the...
  3. Maff

    Announcing Mercedes Summer Barbeque – 27th July 20

    Due to the success of the last UK Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts gathering, the next event will be a SUMMER BBQ to be held in Maidenhead, Berkshire, on Saturday 27th July 2002. Many people suggested the summer BBQ idea at the Cotswolds meeting, and after some planning and consideration, it seems...
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