1. N

    Annoying noise

    Hi*. New to this forum.* Need some help if possible I have got a strange noise like scraping when I turn my wheels to the right and when going in a straight line it's there but not quite noticeable a little like paper blowing in the wind and nothing when I turn left. Any*help would be great...
  2. T

    Annoying rattle when engine warm

    Just got my first ever Mercedes and I love it. I own a 2004 C270 CDI. One problem I have is that there is a rattling noise (not sure where it's coming from) can be heard in the cockpit. It can only be heard once the engine has warmed up a bit and seems to get faster and louder upon acceleration...
  3. T

    Maybe just me but Audi indicator lamps are annoying

    Sorry, this is so off topic but I've seen a load of new Audis on the roads with sweeping indicator lights. Does anyone think these look good. To me they look really cheap and tacky. In fact for some reason they so incense me when motorway driving that it would stop me buying one.
  4. D

    Newbie with W213 annoying questions! :-)

    Hi everyone, and thanks for letting me be a member of the group. Ive just got a 17 plate W213 in Obsidian Black and its a great car, but with a couple of annoyances which i hope someone can assist by telling me how to fix! The tyre pressures on the service screen are measured in kPa. Can I...
  5. S

    ML 250 - annoying rattle from passenger seat. Please help!!

    Hi all I previously posted this in the general discussion but am now doing so in here as I'm still getting used to navigating around the forum! Hoping someone can help me?! We bought an ML250 on Saturday - very happy. However, after dropping my wife off and I was driving by myself I...
  6. S

    ML 250 - annoying rattle from passenger seat. Please help!!

    Hi all We bought the ML today so very happy! However, after dropping my wife off and I was driving by myself I noticed the most annoying rattle coming from the passenger seat. For the life of me can't figure out what it is. I've tried adjusting the positioning and still no joy. It's as if it's...
  7. daveenty

    Annoying couple of days

    Yesterday afternoon I decided that my cheap and cheerful Chinese phone didn't have much longer left for this world. It's been OK for around 11 months or so, but has recently decided to just open apps when it wanted to, and not when I wanted them opened, which was getting frustrating. I'd also...
  8. dad4geer

    Rattling annoying sound from dashboard W204

    Yes, it's been coming from my dashboard for last 2 weeks or so... initially I thought it will go away and maybe because I was driving on an uneven road but it did not go away and I am experiencing it more often than before .. it is not loud, just small chripping rattling noise.... feels like if...
  9. sparkynw

    Trivial but annoying...

    The ONLY gripe I have up to now with the CLA is that the passenger seatbelt buckle doesn't find its way to the magnet in the shoulder of the Recaro. It jingles about on the edge of the seat and pillar. It's not loud but it's a bloody nuisance trying to reach over and secure it on the magnet. As...
  10. K

    Annoying high pitched whirring.

    I've got a 2008 S320 CDI. Everything is fine with it and it drives really quietly except when I'm turning right for anything over a second. When I do, there is a quiet high pitched squealing coming from the passenger side air vent area. Not very loud but annoying. The previous owner said...
  11. R

    2008 E280 Sport annoying rattle / knock

    Hi all Firstly thank you to all that have contributed to this forum. It has enabled me to carry out a lot of work myself saving me hundreds of pounds in labour. The history I bought the car last February. Full dealer history one owner with 72,000 miles. It had a very lower dull rattle...
  12. S

    Annoying rattle on W203

    I have a bit of a knocking sound coming from the rear of the car - possibly just bushes and not much to worry about so no worry there. When I have the nearside windows down (particularly the rear) there's a very "tinny" rattle that seems to be coming from the rear n/s wheel area. I had new...
  13. M

    The Award For The Most Annoying Person Goes to?

    The muppet with Tesco 'dinging' trolley! Who's your award winner???
  14. Q

    An Annoying Noise

    I have a W203 C200 CDI Auto on a 55-plate There is a strange noise appearing to come from the area of the gearbox. It starts when the car is in top gear. It disappears when you turn the steering towards the left ie taking a left-hand bend but turning to the right it stays. It is a rapid...
  15. Jay2512

    Annoying people when giving you Reg No over the phone!

    Well as it say above, I'm really getting annoyed with people who try and correct me on the phone over my own reg number. So I ring insurance to swap over for the new car, the lady says "what's the registration?" - so I say it's "689 ....." To which the lady replies "can you start with the...
  16. Mo-benz

    Minor NSF footwell/floor annoying rattle after IPE exhaust fitting!

    Hi all I have recently done IPE full exhaust system but I sometimes hear rattling beneath the passenger footwell area it is so annoying but sometimes it goes away abit or completely once the engine is hot and also after the car has been driven for more than 20 mins , I last time had this and it...
  17. H

    Annoying! Now I've seen it.

    Is this a CLS thing, can't say I've had this before! Firstly I've no idea how this got in and secondly, will I really have to take my light cluster out to get it removed? I can't think of any Hoover attachment that will get in there!
  18. m5anj

    W219: Annoying rattle coming from ashtray/storage

    Hi all, My car has developed an annoying rattle which seems to be emanating from the ashtray/storage compartment. Leaving the lid open solves the problem, or pushing the lid down slightly on the left side. Any ideas on how to go about trying to fix it, it's driving me mad :wallbash: The level...
  19. L

    Annoying clunk from rear. S203 C32 AMG

    I have an annoying knock from the rear n/s suspension especially when the boot is loaded. I have checked all the rubber bushes and changed the rose joint in the hub carrier (it was shot). I can find no movement in any of the suspension parts and the subframe mounts look fine with no cracking. Is...
  20. D

    Getting rather annoying now!!!

    My w203 saloon has a got a rattle from the o/s rear. I have changed both rear shocks and drop links which solved it for 3 weeks. Now after doing my autobox service its come back, even thou ive been no where near the back. Ive even tried it without the spare to eliminate it. Any ideas guys as i...
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