1. grober

    BBC's answer to Game of Thrones?

    Due later this year. First series was pretty good if you like that sort of thing. The Last Kingdom series 2 will return on both BBC and Netflix in 2017 in co-production deal
  2. M

    For those who have kids answer me this

    Hi All, For people with kids answer me this one question. Why do they love watching videos of people opening surprise eggs??? They are addictied to those videos?
  3. Peter103

    Whats the answer, who knows?

    Imagine you have two identical vehicles same power, torque, gearbox etc.All four wheels on one, have a greater diameter of 6 inches over the other. Would the vehicle with the big wheels, 1. Have a slower rate of acceleration? 2. Have a higher top speed, when both are at their limit? 3...
  4. LTD

    Is Ross Brawn the answer to F1's issues?

    Mercedes have proven that their engines are the business. Newey's chassis design is un-paralleled. We need Ross Brawn back in F1. Or do we .... ?
  5. jke11y

    E55K exhaust mods; what is the answer?

    Hello, I really think that my E55K is far too quiet. I have had a read around the forum and found a few posts but no definitive answer. I would prefer a bit of a V8 rumble / growl but it needs to still be quiet at 75+mph on cruise for family duties. My bro had an SLK55 n/a and it...
  6. Guy.Pap

    Unable to answer

    How many posts do I need to have posted before i am allow to reply to a classified on here ?? As I have just tried and it says I cant post as I dont have permission..
  7. flango

    CL 500 W215 Question I can't answer

    I've just been asked a question by a pal that I can't answer, so I'll ask you guys the way he asked me. " Would you buy a low mileage 10 year old CL500 to use as a daily driver if you had £2k spare in your back pocket to cover any potential repairs?" What are the likely repairs? ABC I...
  8. G

    PCP ending - chased for answer from MB

    Hi All, My Agility Finance agreement is due to end in mid Sept, yet I've now received my 2nd letter from MB Finance literally DEMANDING to know what I plan to do at the end of term (6 months from now). The letter states that if MB do not hear from me, they shall assume I wish to purchase the...
  9. T

    How much does the front end of an E320 CDI (W210) weigh (with answer )

    As I have been looking at an extra jack and some adjustable ramps I thought I would do the job properly ,and check how much the Front End of My 2001 E320CDI Estate weighs (seeing as the 320 deisel is a big car with a big engine) so that I can accurately assess the maximum lifting weight of the...
  10. C

    Can any answer a Qu raised on M3 Cutters?

    Does the C63 have adjustable suspension depending on mode selected eg C, S and S+. Thanks
  11. ioweddie

    Anyone answer this. Thanks

    Hi All. Had all 4 wheels replaced under warranty on friday on my sport plus, unfortunately the n/s tyre had a gash in the inner sidewall so had to have a new tyre fitted. All the wheels were replaced and the remaining three 6 month 5770 mile tyres refitted and balanced. All looks lovely...
  12. MOR8A

    One to answer from a Merc Tech please. W211 E55 brakes

    Have been told that when installing new pads to the W211 E55 with SBC, that you need to tell the car via star that this has been done (informing it that new pads have been fitted)........also that a check needs to be done on the sbc pump this all true? I want to change my own...
  13. developer

    Wheel query - answer needed ASAP please.

    The cls wheels I have won on ebay are: Front A2194011502 B603 1230 Rear A2194011602 B603 1231 both numbers off the wheels themselves and the photos are clearly the correct wheels. But in my MB catalogue and on Alloy Wheel Direct: both the A numbers are the same but Front is B603...
  14. WG M-B

    Is there a mod with an answer yet?

    I just wondered if a mod would reply to me on whether.... A: it is actually possible to support this forum as a specialist other than the guys that already do so And if not...... B: can I please change my name???????? I have asked question A over and again over a long period of time...
  15. S

    Looking for a CLK 270cdi and an Answer

    I'm a long time lurker, first time poster! After much reading of these fine forums, I have decided I would like to but my wife a CLK 270cdi. Seems to me the motor is great and the car will fit our brief. I have upto £7,000 and am after a post facelift. Ideally the mileage would be under 100K...
  16. W

    Cabriolet owners – please answer these questions

    Cabriolet owners – please answer these questions. For my personal interest I’ve a quick few questions for past/present/future cabriolet owners. When buying your cabriolet car do you consider the crash safety of it? If not specifically EuroNCAP tested do you look at the hard top equivalent...
  17. Silver CL55

    Definitive answer to "what mpg will I get from my 55k engine"

    60,000 miles, 18.8mpg
  18. grober

    Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor the answer?

    Is this the answer to our intermediate future energy needs? The Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor: key for a safer and less expensive nuclear technology? | Nuclear Energy Insider Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor AHs2Ugxo7-8
  19. D

    Urgent Answer Needed!

    Does anyone know if these are genuine, don't they need the AMG stamp on the face? Mercedes alloy wheels - E Class | eBay
  20. saorbust

    terrymcg - your mailbox is full, the answer is yes !!

    PM Me.
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