1. E

    Help, Anti theft protection on Audio 20

    Hi Just purchased a new ntg4.5 audio, plugged this in was workng for 5 mins or so and now it has come up with anti theft protection activated.
  2. Gaz74

    C32 AMG anti roll bar diameter query.

    Hi, I need new ARB bushes on the front of my car and after searching, I thought that the bar should be 22mm thick. I've just measured the one on the car and it's 20mm thick, so has it got the wrong (or a regular W203) anti roll bar in place? Can anyone confirm the thickness it should be...
  3. J

    Sat Nav screen anti glare coating

    I have just bought a 2008 350SL and am a newbie to the MB Club( I do have another Merc Estate so am familiar with the workings etc). My question is , and am sure that this problem has been discussed many times. My screen has had most of the coating of antiglare wiped off by previous owners etc...
  4. J

    CLS Anti Roll Bar Bushes ?

    Anyone changed them, how do you get them off ?
  5. FROGM5

    CLK W209 front anti roll bar mounts shot

    Cut long story short now driving without front anti roll bar. Remains of broken bolt stuck in both sides, local spanner monkeys cannot remove and have advised get new subframe. Anyone have any ideas/options on this???
  6. Chillbrazl

    MB 30 Year Anti Corrosion Warranty - A BIG ONE

    Hi Whilst I have have several MB's in the past I have been more of a Land Rover person in particular I left MB after a huge problem with an MB Dealer finally resolved after many months of correspondence by an excellent an honest Customer Service Director (no longer in that position now) however...
  7. FROGM5

    CLK W209 320 Front anti roll bar Q&A

    Ok so I have just lost the drivers side front anti-rollbar mounting bracket on the M4. On getting back and discovering that this was the case, I jumped on to fleabay and had a look for a replacement. I purchased a complete roll bar brackets etc intending to rob one of the brackets and keep the...
  8. B

    E220 Anti Theft Protection Activated

    Hi Folks, Bought a 2011 Merc e220 estate off a local independent dealer, told me stereo was inoperable, I was not that annoyed and saw as a trivial matter and i got a nice deal, When i turn on the car and the radio comes on as normal and is perfect for 10 seconds and then the message "...
  9. S

    Uprated front anti roll bar C124 3.2 sportline

    Hi, Just changed all for shocks and was about to the replace the front anti roll bar bushes. Then noticed the original bar has worn away near the bush areas. Apart from replacing with an OEM sportline bar does anyone offer a thicker bar ? Have looked at Eibach and other brands but...
  10. R

    313 sprinter anti hijack locking

    313 anti hijack function Hi all, just bought a 313 as I had a 311. The 313 doesn't lock the doors when I pull away like the 311 did. I understand there is a secret procedure to activate this??? Any help would be appreciated
  11. Jay2512

    Comand Anti Theft - GLC

    Guys, Any help of how I can get around this? On the way to the train station this morning the nav froze for a good 30 odd seconds and then restarted to which I was greeted with the anti theft message. I cannot get to the dealer until Tuesday next week and I need to make a few travels over the...
  12. butler23

    '96 C230k oil and anti freeze?

    Just a quick 1 ( dont know the engine number so cant use the sticky thread) but which engine oil shall i use for my 96 c230 kompressor? Am i right in saying 0w 40 fully synth or 10w 40 full synth? And also is 6.0 litres capacity correct? Also which anti freeze do i need? Cheers
  13. carat 3.6

    Wanted: W210 E55 rear anti roll bar

    Anyone on here breaking a w210 e55? looking for the rear anti roll bar, must be from a 55. Cash waiting....
  14. G

    anti damp

    The unit under kitchen sink is very damp as the water leaks when doing washing, etc. I am thinking to put some anti damp stuff, like those paper bags with crystals or something inside. Anybody knows what they are and where I can get some? Thanks Neo
  15. K

    Anti Roll Bars for ML W164

    Guys, Having just put some decent tyres on, that don't have sidewalls like a flaccid member, I'm loving the extra grip and sharper turn-in. Obviously we are talking about 6' 6" high SUV here, so all things are relative.. Unfortunately, I've also noticed a very unpleasant rocking from side to...
  16. L

    front anti roll bar w203

    Cant find one at ECP or GSF. Any ideas on where an roughly how much? Saw one on ebay with droplinks but im cautious in case its not from right car. Is it worth trying local scrap yards? Is it worth getting drop links at same time? Car is '03 c220 cdi coupe. Tia for any help. Much appreciated Lewis
  17. S

    W124 Sportline Anti Roll bars

    Hi, I'm looking for a pair for W124 estate anti roll bars for a project!
  18. P

    S211 front anti roll bar bushes needed

    I'm going to replace the bushes on the front ARB of my 2007 E class 320CDI, along with the drop links. The drop links I can find on ECP, but not the ARB bushes. There are a few on eBay but not model specific and I've just had a reply from one seller that they don't have any currently. Anyone...
  19. M

    s202 C250TD front anti roll bar bushes ARB

    Hi, can someone with WIZ or EPC look up the correct front ARB's for the above vehicle please. There seem to be numerous I.D's due to different size bars and I am getting conflicting sizes when I look online. If you need the VIN just let me know thanks in advance, Matt
  20. developer

    Enhanced Anti Theft Protection - Code 885

    Any idea what this is, from the datacard? It follows 882 Alarm system with immobiliser and interior protection. Thanks,
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