1. S

    30yr anti-corrosion "MobiloLife" warranty

    Hi guys. Does anyone have any experience or advice on how to claim for bodywork to be repaired under the mercedes 30yr warranty? I have an '02' ML270 with a full MB service history within the last 10k miles and 8months. Even though I now have 166k on the clock. Rust is appearing all over the...
  2. Chesterdraws

    MB 30yr anti-corrosion warranty

    Hi there, can anyone tell me, is this warranty available on all MB models produced in the last 3 decades or only on selected vehicles? Is it applicable to the R107? Does anyone have particular experience with MB dealership on this issue? I'm thinking of chancing my arm so any...
  3. uumode

    Anti-corrosion treatment £440 + VAT for a MB You thought your M class was safe? The KLEENtect treatment is wicked even Waxoyl treatment pales...
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