1. B

    Overflow of antifreeze w124

    I was wondering if anyone could help. We have driven our w124 e280 estate 1995 from the uk to the centre of France (Loire valley, Sancerre). The last couple of days when we have returned from a drive the coolant overflows and the temperature gets to above 90, but when we're driving around the...
  2. T


    Where can I buy 5ltrs of genuine Mercedes antifreeze. I phoned my local MB site and was told I can only buy it in packs of three, I don't want 15ltrs of antifreeze.
  3. C


    Hi, Can anybody help me find the correct Antifreeze for my 1992 500sl r129 as i seem to go from one mb number to another without finding the correct fluid, I don't want to use MB brand if i can help it, But if that's the case then i'll have to. Many thank's Colin
  4. optimusprime

    antifreeze help

    Well a long story ,pump replaced .Antifreeze was put in after i flushed out 6 times with no thermostat in. Learn now it wont circulate with out the stat .So i have ended up with to much antifreez in the system because i could not open up the drain tap on the block to remove all coolant i put in...
  5. C

    E240 anti-freeze

    I want to replace the coolant in my 1999 E240. What is the best way to do it, which is the best anti-freeze, and how much will I need to obtain?:confused:
  6. Ermir

    Coolant antifreeze

    Does any of you guys know the exact quantity of coolant needed on a w203 220 cdi year 2003? I drained the old coolant and i refilled with 4 liters of mixed fuchs maintain fricofin and distilled water on 50:50 ratio. After that the tank was almost empty and it sucked other three liters of...
  7. astamir

    208 clk55 antifreeze changing

    Hi guys Thinking of changing the antifreeze and flush the radiator any guides and advices on right process of doing this would be very much appreciated As far as im aware of its Open the tap of the radiator on the bottom empty the radiator Put the hose connected to a tap flush yhe water...
  8. Somebody

    5.0v8 antifreeze compatibility?

    Does anybody know if the 5.0 v8s of later 1980s vintage are compatible with organic-acid based antifreeze? Thanks
  9. charliewade

    Mercedes Antifreeze

    Hi Everyone just wondered what everyones view on antifreeze is ? Ive a 2003 C200K Coupe with the M271 engine and am going to change the antifreeze before it gets any colder, ive got 25ltrs of deionised water to pop in (not all of it lol) and wondered what the best anti freeze to use is ive seen...
  10. S

    help on which antifreeze

    please help does anyone know which antifreeze i should be using for my c180 w202 1999 as i would like to change coolant and also where can i buy some distilled water from thanks
  11. C

    Antifreeze r230 sl

    Hi all Can the triple QX antifreeze from eurocarparts be used in my SL it's a 2004 model Thanks in advance Chris
  12. E


    I notice that there are many colours of antifreeze on the market. The previous owner doesn't seem to have used any so I have nothing to go on. Which is the best for a W210 E300TD (om606 turbo)?? Many Thanks EMH
  13. C

    antifreeze change

    went to change the antifreeze in my sons c class 203 today as this has n ever been done since the car was new but was completely baffled on how to get the bottom hose off at the radiator end there is a spring clip on it took it off but still no luck is there a special end on this hose or am i...
  14. N


    Just a quick one Vito 110CDi 2.2 red or blue antifreeze? Or does it not matter
  15. diandave

    Which Antifreeze

    I've just bought a 2004 E320 CDi the water in the rad is clear, so I dont think there is any antifreeze in it, should the antifreeze be blue or red...:confused:
  16. C

    Coolant change for a C250 TD... which antifreeze is best?

    Having needed to do a fair few coolant changes on the family fleet, I bought a drum of the Comma long life advanced protection anti-freeze. It is the orange stuff, with organic acid technology or something. The label on the drum says it is compatable with all petrol and diesel engines... however...
  17. W

    Lidl Antifreeze or Coolant Tester 99p

    Lidl Antifreeze or Coolant Tester 99p: LIDL plus the usual assortment of good and not so good motoring bits: LIDL
  18. S

    how can i tell if my radiator bottle has anti-freeze?

    hi all, cold nights are most defanantly setting in now, and wondered how do i check if my radiator bottle has anti freeze in or not? it is a clear solution, so could just be distilled water and nothing else.... many thanks James
  19. noogieman

    Does anyone know the parts number for MB rear diff oil and MB antifreeze?

    I found this parts number on internet for rear diff oil. Is this the correct rear diff oil for my 1999 C43 AMG? A001 989 330 312 Does MB use 1 type of rear diff oil for all MB cars? Next question. I was going to change the antifreeze glykol on my car. I know MB sells those in 1,5...
  20. MarkF

    Which Antifreeze ?

    I plan to change the thermostat on the ML 270 this weekend. The price for a gen MB stat looks good as its not much more than the Euro carparts price, I assume that the MB one will come with the seal. Now what antifreeze do I use, I think its RED type and if so will Halfords do, looked on the MB...
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