1. Jukie

    Android & antivirus

    Is there any need or point for av on an android handset? :dk:
  2. kit17

    Norton 360, version 6, Gold Edition, 3 PC's anti-virus software, 1 year protection.

    Norton 360, version 6, Gold Edition, 3 PC's, anti-virus software, 1 year protection. NEW. £1.99 start bid! Norton 360 version 6 Gold Edition 3 pcs anti-virus software, 1 year protection. | eBay
  3. swannymere

    Apple Anti-Virus Malware etc.

    Need some help, currently running iAntiVirus which has detected and removed one virus/phish/trojan horse etc. but i think my MacBook (running OS X Version 10.6.8) may still be infected. I've downloaded iNet and it's detected something called MyMacAttack does anyone know what this is? And more...
  4. kusanku

    Antivirus monitor

    After being virus free for some time, I have been infected by two trojans in quick sucession. The first was System Tool, which I removed by using a programme called Malwarebytes. Now I have been infected with something called Antivirus Monitor, which I cannot seem to get rid of. This one also...
  5. ringway

    Warning over anti-virus software.

    Gangsters are tricking worried internet users into buying anti-virus protection that is actually malicious software in disguise, security experts have warned. LINK to full article.
  6. R

    Windows 7 crashing during antivirus

    My computer kept freezing during internet explorer 8 sessions. It also kept trying to install a Java update. I did an antivirus quick scan and it came up clear but when I did a full scan it kept crashes during the scan. The last time it gave me this C:\Windows\Minidump\083010-28609-01.dmp...
  7. D

    Antivirus SBS

    Hi I run a server which runs SBS 2003 R2. Until recently (today!) I used a Symantec SBS suite. This since installed has crippled my server accusing it of running low on memory. Last night it decided to corrupt after downloading an update. Despite following the advice on Symantec website, I...
  8. M

    Which anti-virus

    Does anybody have strong views on which anti-virus software is preferable? Norton has/had a reputation for slowing things down. I have Norton 360 at home - doesn't seem to bad. At work, boss likes McAfee, one advisor likes AVG. Any views?
  9. M

    Sophis Antivirus - pop up alert makes no sense

    has anyone come across this at all or can anyone advise what it might mean? One of my staff at work emailed me with the following .. "Every time I open Outlook or apply an attachment onto e-mail the following pop up appears from Sophos Anti Virus –...
  10. N

    Best Anti-Virus Software

    Hi All My Anti-Virus is due for renewal and at the moment I am with Aviri Antivir Premium but it has let some nastys through in the past and there is no UK support as such,they have an email tech support but there is the time difference that caused me big problems. It took them over a day to...
  11. jimti

    NOD32 Antivirus System

    My IE just crashed and afterwards I got the following problem reports and solutions message Download updates for NOD32 Antivirus System This problem was caused by NOD32 Antivirus System, which was created by Eset. Solution...
  12. columb

    Antivirus software - poll

    As we have same discussion every so often, I though it would be a good idea to do poll with one simple question: Which antivirus software would you recommend? Hopefully, mods will be able to stick this thread if we will have enough answers. Cheers Chris
  13. U

    AntiVirus Software Advice please :)

    hi im looking into purchasing some antivirus software, but it is a mine field out there!! has anyone got any recommendations or advice? would be looking to have the software on 3 dell laptops, if that helps in anyway. thanks all
  14. crockers

    Avast antivirus

    My Mcafee subscription ran out today so I have deleted it and installed avast antivirus and now use windows firewall and defender in vista... Has anyone else used this - any feedback?
  15. Howard

    Norton Antivirus 2005

    Hi chaps and chapesses Any idea where the cheapest place to buy this is ? i find myself needing to buy an original copy and i have not a clue where to go ....... don't want to get ripped off at PC world..... anyone got a copy they want to sell :rolleyes: many thanks in advance H...
  16. MyFirstMerc

    Firewall, Antivirus and etc software freebie

    Hi all, Thought it would be nice to share the info. with the members. Computer associates has recently give away 1 year free subscription for EZ Armor (consist of Antivirus,firewall and deskshield) to the public running on Microsoft Windows. You need to register with them first before...
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