1. Conquistador

    Anybody switched broadband from AOL?

    I've finally had enough of AOL broadband, I can get almost 10 times faster speed in my area with Sky or BT fibre, but... ...I have an AOL email address which I use regularly for work and need to keep access to. I'm quite confident that AOL will block access to their software from my computer...
  2. I

    AOL sucks

    Only recently I was defending this bunch. It seems that they "have issues" which have resulted in around 100,000 people getting no or intermitted service. This has been going on for three days now. Do they mail you? Do they put a notice on their boards? Do they answer their phones? Nope. After a...
  3. W

    AOL emails - Can these be transfered?

    I am trying to sort out a problem where a friend has used AOL for the last few years and now wishes to change to Outlook. The problem seems to be that the emails have been downloaded on the PC via AOL's program. Can these be imported into Outlook?
  4. BenzComander

    Quick AOL Question

    Mate has an AOL broadband connection and wants to use Outlook to send and receive emails from his Tiscali email address. Is this possible, as I know AOL can be a bit funny with people using their dialup to check other emails, especially with Outlook. Thanks:D
  5. jimti

    Connecting to AOL

    I have a friend who has an AOL connection at home and wants to connect a laptop with no AOL software to his home network, but has had no success, I have said I will take a look for him, but was wondering if there is a need for his laptop to be running any AOL software before it can use the...
  6. Thmsshaun

    AOL and FTP

    I use aol for all my picture hosting on here. Does anyone know of an ftp file manager that I can use for uploading as aols standars is a bit painfull and limited. I.e 1 file at a time. Thanks Shaun
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