1. noogieman

    BOSE audio in C43? - Bottom A-pillar speaker -

    on bottom A-pillar below glove box there's a plastic cover in my car near the rubber foot mats. this is a speaker cover. i removed this cover and i notice a speaker inside. is it connected to BOSE amp? or is it only a speaker for MB telephone which is integrated in the MB Audio30 tapedeck...
  2. C

    Minor ding in A-Pillar

    Dent/ Ding in A-Pillar My E Class is due to be returned to Mercedes in about 7 weeks and someone has put in a ding in one of the most difficult places ever. Unfortunately the ding is in an area classified by mercedes as ''high profile'' and must be fixed before handing the car back otherwise I...
  3. P

    W203 A-pillar removal...How??

    Does anyone know how the A-pillar panels are removed (mines a w203 but might be the same on the w202 ans others)? Don't want to just pull and break anything. Thanks, Paulo
  4. vincenz

    Does teh W211 have speakers in the A-pillar as standard?

    Good afternoon gents Does the W211 have speakers behind the grille's on the A-Pillar as standard or is it dependent upon the stereo fitted? The reason I ask is my dads 2007 E200 has the grilles and the foam inserts for the tweaters, no problem there, its a mass produced model and its cheaper...
  5. stats007

    R129 A-Pillar Hydraulics Replacement Guide

    This may be useful to some members - courtesy of the MercedesShop forum.
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