1. MercedesDriver

    Urgent appeal

    As you may have heard on BBC, my home country Serbia has been devastated by the worst flooding in it's recorded history!!! Please do whatever you can to help my compatriots!! I am listing two ways you can do this - both are absolutely legitimate and have Paypal options: one is tennis player...
  2. R

    No 'Eve appeal' Trackday this year.

    As tittle, just to advise the guys that usually go to this Goodwood, November track day event, that I received an Email this morning, just advising that there will be no track day event run this year:(. Shame, as I believe that everyone really enjoyed these days, and given the time of year, we...
  3. R

    Whats the appeal of a Merc?

    I brought last week a Merc 320 CDI (2001). I will be picking it up on the 5/6 Jan. The 194bhp/470NM model. I don't like mercs generally (well, not yet anyway). I wanted a large economical diesel estate car with a tow bar. I like the idea of a BMW but they are smaller inside, ive had a volvo...
  4. SilverSaloon

    donate nectar points to Philippines Typhoon appeal

    hi i thought this was a good idea. Oxfam Typhoon Appeal | Spend Nectar Points if you have points that you never really spend, from petrol etc, why not donate them to the appeal.
  5. BTB 500

    Parking fine from CCTV 'spy car' dismissed by appeal tribunal

    This is interesting ... Landmark ruling for drivers over council spy cars - Telegraph
  6. englishdas

    HMRC- has anyone ever won an appeal?

    I have 4 solid cases of 'The Revenue's' cockups that have meant they're unable to still proceed with some of my tax calculations months after submission. And I've been penalised om all 4 cases, some of them twice as its now gone over 6 months past filing date, so it will be my second appeal on 2...
  7. AnilS

    School placement appeal - urgent help needed

    Found out a couple of weeks ago that my son (13) will be going to his second choice school, which is his actual catchment school. So no real surprise. His first choice is a further mile away and he is currently in his last term at Middle school. This school actually is one of the feeder schools...
  8. S

    Council Tax Appeal - Any experience?

    Hi all, We're just about to move home and have noticed amongst the paperwork that the house we're going to is in a Council Tax Band 'G' which seems a bit on the high side. It was built since the notional valuation date in 1991 but the sale price doesn't seem to justify the banding, if you see...
  9. The Boss

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS.. (Burglar attacker's appeal fails )

    Fair enough, they went abit OTT, but had they not done so, then the intruders could have returned and inflicted more damage or injury at a subsequent break in, plus the Burglar had no control or restraint in their actions, and thus the overly hard response was somewhat justified me feels...
  10. Howard

    An appeal

    Does anyone by any chance have an old Freeview box that they don't use any more / are going to bin ? Our one at work has died , and we are reduced to just the normal 5 channels ;) We can buy one if needed , but as we would have to pay for it out of our own pockets ( company won't provide...
  11. Ade B

    Parking Appeal

    Some of you may remember I appealed against a dodgy parking ticket in January. It all got a bit silly on here and the thread was closed. Moving on, it says in their automated response of 31.01.08 that they would respond within 2 weeks. Can anyone (Robert?) comment on statutory periods. ie. if...
  12. mercmanuk

    manchester earthquake appeal

    An earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale hit Salford this morning. The epicentre was Ordsall. Casualties were seen wandering aimlessly ,one man spotted wandering who claimed his name was Eric was found saying "bang out of order" "mental" and "sorted". The earthquake decimated...
  13. grober

    57% of people who appeal get off! PARKING

    According to this article 57% of people who appeal their parking tickets get off! Needless to say you would have to be sure you had a good case first :eek: but the article contains some useful info. ;)...
  14. grober

    Microsoft loses anti-trust appeal

    With this new European decision against Microsoft Just how safe a platform will Windows be if the criminal hackers of europe get their hands on the source code?? While not a fan of anti-competitive conduct from big multi-nationals I am a bit...
  15. KLP 92

    Just got flashed by mobile camera van. Can i appeal? Advice needed.

    Not for speeding though. I live in a one way road, with access restricted from the main road except for cycles. This was done 5 years ago to stop people using the road as a rat run and i must say its worked wonders. But you still get the occasional people still entering through the no...
  16. D

    Hurricane Aid Appeal

    Hurricane Shazza strikes Swindon A major hurricane (Hurricane Shazza) and earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter Scale hit Wiltshire in the early hours of this morning with its epicentre in Swindon. Victims were seen wandering around aimlessly, muttering "Faaackinell". The hurricane...
  17. High-Lo

    Parking Ticket - Should I appeal?

    After my test drive with the Dodge yesterday afternoon I came back to an undeserved parking ticket :mad: I had parked in a metered parking bay and paid my 50p (20p per 30 mins) and was gone for just under an hour. Because I was late for the appointment I did not check the meter (stupidly) after...
  18. Simon

    Tsunami Earthquake Appeal

    If any of you want to donate some money, this is the Disasters Emergency Committee Website who are managing the appeal in the UK.
  19. R

    Found a simple way to appeal againt Parking etc charges

    If your lazy like me, the easy option is just to pay a charge Personally I'm fed up paying the odd unwarranted Congestion, Parking or Bus Lane Charge. Luckily I've never (yet) been saddled with a Clamping & Removal fee. Found this great site that's going to stop me taking the easy...
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