1. alistairgd

    SMS messages not appearing in-car

    About a year ago the SMS messages from my bluetooth connected iphone stopped displaying on the incar screen. Anyone know how to get this working again? Thanks.
  2. arfan786

    spots of rust appearing on rear arches SEC

    hi guys i am in a dilemma my car is in the body shop right now having the gen 2 amg rear bumper and side skirts along with AMG lip spoiler. The bodyshop have said best to do the arches now while bumper and skirts are off and have been quoted 250 each side?? :dk:is that right? also the...
  3. M

    EBay Rogue cars appearing in my saved list ????

    I have noticed something strange about my ebay account over the last few weeks and am starting to get a little suspicous. Basically i have been watching cars as i am on the look out for a 2nd motor and also i'm looking for a car for my son. My saved list is quite specific ,they are either mercs...
  4. JonMad

    Two malfunctions appearing at once

    Hi, Driving home tonight, in pouring rain, which may or may not be significant, I was going down a 30mph part of my commute when suddenly two malfunctions appeared on the dash simultaneously: - washer fluid - check level - coolant - check level Now, as I've just got home and it's still pouring...
  5. DSLiverpool

    Some real bargains appearing over 5l CL55 - very tempting - could be a replacement for the CLS ? Its a good time to be a buyer - not so good for sellers
  6. F

    Bubbles appearing on three wheels

    As stated on my last post, I have noticed some bubbles on my new Approved Used Mercedes C180K, that I only bought last month from Mercedes Benz UK. I am now in the process of claiming these to be fixed by Mercedes Benz Cyprus. Hope that there are not any safety issues involved, just cosmetic...
  7. O

    strange noises appearing to be from rear

    I have a R Reg C200 automatic, with around 105,000 miles on the clock. It is regularlry serviced. Over the last 2 months I have started hearing a strange humming/whining noise when driving. It seems to be at its worse at around 70 mph. It also seems to be very apparent when slowing down to a...
  8. P

    Crack appearing in W210 Instrument glass

    Just wondering if this another thing W210'S do...... A crack is spreading across (South to north) the glass of the instrument cluster.....can't understand how or why??? I would like to get another instrument cluster as the temp guage doesn't work, but at £400 plus, its another thing to...
  9. guydewdney

    odd file keeps appearing...

    i have a file that keeps appearing seemingly at random - on my desktop and c/docs & settings / admin (im logged in as admin) win 2K fully firewalled up fully service packed up two different spyware progs running (webroot spy sweeper and spybot search and destroy) avg anti virus the...
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